Rainbow Cupcakes for Sunday Brunch

30 Jul

Hey there, so this is my first post ever and I’m both nervous and excited! Let me dive right in. I love entertaining, and this Easter was no exception. I hosted a little brunch for 5 of us and one of the tasty delights included rainbow cupcakes. We could have gone out to eat or we could have ordered cupcakes from a bakery but when on a budget, you do it yourself! I know a lot of people are doing rainbow cakes these days but here is my account of it with a few pics I took (as if anticipating that I’d someday blog about it). Hope you enjoy!Image

These are the cupcake liners I used. They are silicone therefore totally re-useable and green (I always try when I can). I tend to use these if I know I’ll only be making a few cupcakes (I only have 12). It added to the effect that they were also rainbow coloured.Image

The batter

1) Mix some plain white cake batter – In a later attempt I flavoured some of the different colours because my sister said it tasted too plain(too vanilla).

2) Divide into equal portions. I did 5 colours in this batch so I divided it into 5 parts. I poured each portion into a plastic cup so I could see that they were equal.

3) Colour each portion as you see fit. I used neon food colouring here. You can use whatever colours you want and as few or as many as you wish. Make sure they are WELL mixed (unless you want the marbled effect)

4) After the colour was added I put each portion into a sandwich bag, tied it off and cut a small hole at one of the corners. This way I could pipe the batter into the cupcake cases.


This is the batter after it has been piped.

1) Start with one colour and squeeze enough of it into the cupcake case to cover the bottom

2) Squeeze your second colour on top of the first, you don’t need to cover the colour below, it will spread.

3) Continue like this until each case has a layer of each colour

4) Give the cases a little shake just to spread the layers of batter over each other. Don’t shake them too much or you’ll lose your layer definition.Image

Bake until done then let them cool off. I think they are pretty gorgeous even without frosting!


Speaking of which…..I made my favourite/default cream cheese frosting which is basically softened cream cheese,butter and icing sugar with a touch of vanilla essence blended to preferred taste and consistency.Image

A cross section.This was actually from a dummy batch and it was kind of flat, (the real batch was way better) but I was able to demonstrate the layers using it.Image

Iced with cream cheese frosting. I did an off white base then I marbled a bit of it with a mix of colors and used a star tip to put some decorative touches on top and finished off with sprinkles.

These cupcakes were relatively easy to make and gorgeous to look at. They added that nice whimisical-esque touch to our brunch without breaking the bank.

Have an awesome day!

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