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My Salmon Alfredo Pasta

31 Aug

So I posted a few days ago about a recipe my sister did: “Kristine’s White Wine Infused Salmon Alfredo Linguine” as a great idea for dinner. I promised I would try it as as luck would have it I had one piece of bargain salmon in the freezer.

I used wide egg noodles instead of linguine (cause that’s what I had) and it worked fine. I also omitted the white wine as I had none, in addition I made my own “Alfredo” sauce as I had no store bought stuff.

Here’s my finished product, and let me tell you it was so ridiculously delicious!


Salmon and Chinese cabbage in homemade Alfredo Sauce on a bed of egg noodles with Parmesan cheese on top.


1) 1 cup milk (I used Almond milk as I’m lactose intolerant)

2) 1 oz cream cheese (let it sit out of the fridge and soften first)

3) Approx 1/2 cup pre-grated Parmesan cheese

4) 2 tbsp of butter

Add everything to the pan containing the salmon and cabbage and allow it to simmer.


Kristine’s White wine Infused Salmon Alfredo Linguine

28 Aug


Yum! This dish was thrown together by none other than my sister: Kristine. It’s a pasta dish with salmon and it’s perfect for a small dinner party on a budget. How? If there’s salmon involved?  Well that’s because while a decent piece of salmon can be on the pricey side there,the majority of the dish is pasta and that’s cheap.

Kristine has graciously allowed me to share her recipe


Frozen salmon- 2 portions

Linguine Pasta- 1 pckg

Alfredo sauce- 14 oz-Can buy or make your own

1 tbsp. Tomato sauce (for colouring)

Chinese cabbage (pak choi)- 3 leaves chopped

Thyme- a pinch

White wine- 4 oz

Garlic- 5 cloves

Onion- 1 ½ medium sliced and diced

Salt- 1 tbsp

Olive oil

Garlic powder

Black pepper

No salt seasoning

Parmesan cheese (pre-grated)


1) Cut salmon into chunks and marinate using 1 garlic clove, a few pieces of onion, a dash of white wine, black pepper, salt-free seasoning, and garlic powder.

2) Mix well with tongs to make sure salmon is well covered. Let sit for at least 10-15 minutes ( longer if you wish). I forgot to put lemon juice on salmon so you can add that on. It didn’t really matter…still tasted awesome.- Camille’s note: Put on the lemon juice!

3) Boil water for pasta, adding salt, 2 garlic cloves, and onion slices. Add pasta, oil and thyme when water boils and let cook- uncovered. Strain and await salmon.

4) Salmon- In a pan put some olive oil and onion and garlic pieces and let brown. Then add marinated salmon and let cook. Should take about 10 minutes if so long. Pour in the half cup (4 oz) white wine and Alfredo sauce then enough tomato sauce to colour the Alfredo sauce pink. Add pak choy and let simmer on very low heat and covered for about 15 minutes and that’s that. Salmon Alfredo Linguine complete.

5)Plate with some Parmesan cheese on top and enjoy. Buen Apetito.

This looks great, thanks Kris.I can see it being eaten by candle light with a nice glass of white wine(a cheap one from the supermarket) and good friends to enjoy it with. I’m going to try this tomorrow!

Have an awesome day!


A Teaparty Tablescape

21 Aug

A Teaparty Tablescape

DIY Cards made to represent the “Queen of Hearts'” soldiers for an Alice inspired tea party held last year.

Materials: Black card, red paint, red ribbon, heart stencil (can DIY using a heart shape cut into a piece of card)

Chocolate covered Strawberries

8 Aug

Hello there everyone,

There was a time not too long ago when I thought something as decadent as chocolate dipped strawberries was a treat I’d only get to enjoy at a posh party or an upscale restaurant. Now, I have no idea why.

Chocolate dipped strawberries, are delicious, elegant and above all,simple to make . It’s that little dessert that everyone will be impressed with and want to try and they simply won’t believe you when you tell them: ” No I didn’t hire a gourmet chef, I swear I did it myself! (blush)”

Today I am sharing my strawberries dipped in pink chocolate (ooh la la) which equates to pink candy melts. However, I’ve done this with milk chocolate,dark chocolate and white chocolate all with equally tantalizing results.


  • Fresh strawberries– the frozen ones won’t work
  • Pink candy melts– these can be substituted with any other colour candy melts or simply milk,dark or white chocolate chips or pieces.
  • Sprinkles(optional)
  • Wax/Parchment paper– for cooling


I like the strawberries ripe but not too ripe. That way you get that juiciness and sweetness but not to the point where it will interfere with the integrity of the chocolate.


Pink candy melts by Wilton

A short note on candy meltsI’m sure most persons are by now familiar with this product but for anyone who doesn’t know, candy melts are essentially coloured white chocolate discs that are vanilla flavoured. They come in a myriad of colours and are used famously in decorating cakepops but may be used just about anywhere you use chocolate chips.


1) Wash and thoroughly dry strawberries and lay them out on a flat surface.- This is very important as chocolate is extremely temperamental and even a wisp of moisture can make it seize up.

2) Make sure your hands are clean and dry for the sake of the chocolate/candy melts

3) Pour out the appropriate amount of chocolate/candy melts into a clean,dry microwaveable container- Of course the amount used depends on how many strawberries you’re dipping,how large they are etc. I do advise using small amounts at a time as you don’t want to have to deal with wasted melted chocolate.

4) Melt the chocolate in30 second bursts on low setting, checking and stirring each time to see the consistency. If it looks like it’s underdone give it another 15-30 seconds. If it seems overdone add some vegetable oil a bit at a time to get it smooth.

5) Now that your chocolate has melted let the fun begin, hold the fruit by it’s leaves and dip it into the chocolate and give it a little swirl. Use a spoon to help spread the chocolate around and place on drying sheet.

  • Once finished with the bowl, wash it ASAP while the chocolate is still soft. If it does end up being too hard then give it a few seconds in the microwave to soften it up.

6) Add sprinkles,coloured sugar,or edible glitter etc for that extra touch. Let them cool and harden on parchment/wax paper.

7) Serve and enjoy!


Placing them in cupcake cases makes them easy to serve.

You can chocolate dip lots of other fruits: apples,banana,orange slices as well as other snacks for example marshmallows and pretzels for a gourmet treat at a home made price!

Have an awesome day!

Pink and Gold Wine Coolers/Cocktails

1 Aug

Nothing adds a unique touch to a shindig like a signature cocktail. It doesn’t have to be anything over the top requiring an expert mixologist or high end liquor. It just has to be fun, easy and most of all affordable.

Most recently my favorite thing to make is a wine cooler/cocktail (the definitions confuse me) essentially wine and fruit juice. The possibilities with this type of drink are endless as you can use any type of wine and any type of juice depending on the theme of the event.

In addition you can add fun extras like carbonated water,syrup or bits of fruit.


These are two wine cooler/cocktails I made a few months ago for an impromptu get-together one evening. At the time they had no names so now I’ve decided to simply call them Pink and Gold.

Here’s what I did:


  • Rose’ wineI literally always pick up the cheapest bottle in the supermarket, it tastes great and I’m able to buy enough to serve everyone. I filled the glass half-way with the wine
  • Cranberry and kiwi juiceFill the remainder of the glass with the juice, no need to swirl or stir , just allow it to blend by itself.
  • I have mixed rose wine with grape juice as well and it’s phenomenal!


  • White wine- I believe this was a sauvignon blanc but really choose whatever kind you prefer.
  • Cloudy apple and pear juice-This mild yet sweet flavour really compliments the white wine.
  • As an extra touch I had a can of lychee fruit in syrup which we added for extra taste and texture.

To top off the drinks I added some kitschy “flamingo” straws and served cold.

Hope my little post inspires someone to make an exciting signature drink for their next party

Enjoy and have an awesome day!

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