The New Year

6 Jan


Happy New Year to all! I cannot believe it is 2014! We are officially in the future! None of the sci-fi classics were set this far into the future!  Lol

So what does a poor party girl do when all alone om NYE and poorer than ever? I’ll tell you what this girl did:

     I took a long, warm shower which was a ceremonial scrubbing off of 2013.  Boy I have never wanted a year to be off of me so badly. It did my mind a world of good.

     I put on a cute little party dress. Nothing new (I wasn’t going anywhere) but its nice and it made me feel as if I could go anywhere if I decided to.

     My grandfather gifted me the delicious bottle of wine pictured above before I left home after my holiday visit.  I popped it open,  (took my prophylactic omeprazolehttp:// and let the night really get started.

     I turned on my laptop and pulled up my iTunes and totally got  down all alone in my apartment. ( It wasn’t as sad and sorry as it sounds)

My night was all set up. I am lucky enough to live someplace where I could see 2 sets of fireworks from my balcony. I truly LOVE fireworks so it was truly lovely.

After the big countdown and the fireworks and the phone calls and instant messages with ask the Happy wishes for the new year I got yo truly reflect.


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