Po’ cakes

8 Jan


What does a po’ party girl do with 2 small tomatoes, a can of kernel corn, an inch of cheese, some flour, some butter and the sheer will to live.

She makes Po’ cakes!

Due to some recent financial constraints not to mention a bit of laziness (I refuse to go to the supermarket) this was almost literally ALL there was to be found in my kitchen.

So I had to either concoct something or starve alone in my apartment. I chose the former.

So from my desperation came some delightful not to mention quick snacks that I think might serve as appetizers for a soirée sometime in the future.

1) 2 small tomatoes
2) 1 small can of kernel corn (I only used half of it)
3) 1″×1″ block of cheddar cheese
4) 2 cups all purpose flour
5) 3 tablespoons of butter

1) Poured the flour into a bowl.
2) Add the butter (cold) and cut it into the flour.
3) Add water (no idea how much, enough to give the consistency of a very thick batter)
4) Add the corn tomato and cheese (grated) or whatever else is lying around your kitchen.
6) Heat some oil in a skillet (just enough to cover the bottom of the cakes)
7) Spoon tablespoon sized spheres (flatten them a bit)
8) Cook on both sides until golden (I left the insdes of mine a bit gooey…..awesome)

Plate and serve with some ketchup and enjoy.

This little recipe saved my hide. Maybe it may save someone else’s.  Lol.

Have an awesome day!

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