Fab Find! Neutrogena Hand Cream

26 Nov


Time for a product review. This is about Neutrogena’s “Norwegian Formula” hand cream.
I bought this little tube of moisture just over 3 months ago in a quest to keep the skin on my hands looking young. In my job I wear powdered latex gloves and I wash my hands countless times daily. I’ve noticed in the past year or so my hands are beginning to look a bit well…tired.

I was informed by a credible source that the gloves combined with the merciless hand washing will age my hands and fast.
Like everyone in the world, I want to live long but I don’t want to age so I set out to find a product to slow this inevitable process down.

I did NOT hit up any high end cosmetics shops for their specially formulated youth serums which would cost me half my month’s rent for a microscopic dollop. I went to the supermarket. There you can find many good quality products.

I must take a moment to admit that there was nothing specific I was looking for, no particular brand or formulation. I was looking for the cheapest thing that looked as if it might actually keep my hands moisturized. I planned to rub it on each night as part of my “night time beauty routine” (which as it happens doesn’t and never has existed).
I stumbled upon the aforementioned product. Neutrogena is of course no stranger to cosmetics and is a trusted name with a decent reputation. I’ve used their washes and a few other things by them over the years and I have no complaints so I felt that they would at least deliver a reasonable product. The box promised that just a tiny amount would do the trick because it was so concentrated with moisture. The last selling point for me however was the cost. This tube was approx $12 US for 2 oz. I thought “Let’s do this!”

A few days later I decided to try it. I was surprised to find it was a translucent gel rather than a typical emulsified “cream”. At this point I KNEW it would be good!


             The Gel Like Moisturizer

Obeying the directions I squeezed a teeny tiny amount out, probably half of a pea sized portion and began to rub.
To my surprise (pleasant), once I rubbed it became white like traditional cream and thick yet smooth. I was able to spread that small amount over both of my hands.
It left them feeling AMAZING! Not even body butter leaves my hands this silky, soft and moist. And… it wasn’t greasy at all! I suspect that if you used too much at once it would get a bit greasy but using the correct portion it’s just right.


It goes white once you start rubbing

Additionally, because you only need a small amount at a time, this stuff will last! This conditioning wonder has replaced my BBW(Bath and Body Works) minis which I use to moisturize my hands in between washes. I now take it to work with me and apply it throughout the day (probably 5-6 times) and it is still almost full! 
(Sidenode : I still carry my BBW mini lotions around in my bag for regular everyday use)

So, is this a fab find or not? A resounding YES! As with everything, different people may have different opinions about the same product so the only way to know for sure is to try it yourself but I’m pretty sure you will not be disappointed!

Have an awesome day!

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