What are you doing New Years Eve?

28 Dec

So guys….what are you doing NYE? Over the years I’ve done everything from church to all inclusive parties to staying home alone to working! Depending on your lifestyle any of those things may be appropriate.

However,  if you’re looking for something different, exciting and best of all cheap then here are some suggestions for NYE 2015!

1) Nighttime picnic
Pack a basket with some chocolates and wine and head to a beach or park or even your backyard for some moonlight dining. (NB Always chose someplace safe!)

2) Fireworks Watching
Camp out on a friends balcony or another safe comfortable spot where you can watch fireworks while sipping champagne and nibbling nuts.

3) Low end|High Fashion
Grab your crew and all dress in your fanciest. I’m talking heels, glittery frocks, bow ties. Meet up at a local budget friendly fast food joint and enjoy your meal on the cheap while feeling fancy.

4) Night In
Invite your besties over for a casual night in but don’t do the usual Netflix,  pedicures, popcorn thing. Remember that wall you guys all said you’d paint or that bookcase your friend couldn’t get assembled for the past 6 months? Plan to do something productive while hanging out. Of course there will still be snacks and drinks and loads of laughs!

5) Night Out
Those decadent all inclusive parties are tempting, mesmerising and expensive! You and your friends dress to impress then head out bar hop setting a strict spending limit e.g $40. Have a drink at each spot and absorb the different atmospheres. That way you see people, hear music and keep your account balance intact.

Have an awesome day and Happy 2016!



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