Cauliflower Buffalo Bites 

7 Sep

Cauliflower Buffalo bites 


This is a  recipe I have craved for months, maybe years… cauliflower Buffalo “wings ” a.k.a bites. I first saw these on pinterest in passing and thought ” Oh not bad “. Then one of my favorite YouTubers got hooked on them. She practically orders them in every video she posts. That got me really craving them. I finally decided to give them a go. 

I did 2 versions : A super healthy version that also happens to be vegan and a pseudo healthy version that involves flour, egg and oil. 

I just want to point out that using one large head of cauliflower made enough bites for a small party 6-10 and the only other main ingredient you need that may not already be in your kitchen is the Buffalo sauce. This makes this a very reasonable appetizer / snack to prepare cost wise. 


1 )  A large head of cauliflower. 

2) Buffalo sauce ( you could easily swap this out for any other sauce e.g. sweet and sour ) 

3) 1 cup of flour. 

4) 1 medium sized egg. 

5) 1 cup of water. 

6) 6-8 ice cubes. 

7) Olive oil 

8) Seasonings 

The main ingredients 


First separate the cauliflower into florets then further separate them into bite sized pieces and rinse. I then divided the batch into half to make the 2 different versions. 

Divide into florets 

Separate into smaller pieces 


So to break this down and be perfectly honest this healthier version is basically roasted cauliflower with buffalo sauce. This version is not as delectable as the alternate version but it certainly tastes good and it’s healthy. So this is the version you make when you plan to eat this as your lunch or snack for the week and you make the other version when you’re having guests. 

1 ) Season with your choice of seasonings. I chose black pepper, paprika and a bit of curry powder. 

Sprinkled with black pepper 

Paprika and curry 
2) Pour buffalo sauce to your liking ( I used approximately 2 tbsp ). Be sure to cover all the bits. 

Buffalo sauce added 

3 ) Place in oven and roast until the edges are crispy ( this took my oven approximately 20 minutes at 300 ° F ) 

4) Remove from oven once appropriately cooked and add a bit more buffalo sauce to coat the bites. 

All done 


So I didn’t actually get this recipe from anywhere, I kind of winged it so I can’t say for sure how others do it but I’ll tell you what I did. Basically I made cauliflower tempura referring specifically to the way I made the batter . 

Tempura batter is light, fluffy and crunchy all at the same time and it can be used on any type of vegetable and most seafood and meat. 
1) Pour 1 cup of water into a bowl then add the ice. The aim is to get ice cold water. 

Ice cold water 

2 ) Add the egg to the water then mix. 

Egg added 

3 ) Pour in the flour and mix to a runny ( not watery ) consistency. 


4 ) Start to place the cauliflower bites into the batter, I transferred mine to a shallow dish first to allow for a better fit. 

Batter in shallow dish 

Bites placed into batter. 
5) Pour the oil into a saucepan and let it heat up. Then add the coated cauliflower a few at a time. 

Frying the bites 
6 ) Let them fry until golden ( tempura batter seldom turns brown ) and remove from heat. 

Fried crispy and golden 
7 ) Coat the bites with buffalo sauce to your liking. 

Serve alone or with a blue cheese sauce. 

These were both easy to make. The entire process took about 1 hour (and that includes the time I took to take photos ) so removing that I would say 35-45 minutes. I recommend frying the bites just 1-2 hours before serving as they can soften and wilt a bit. However, if this isn’t an option you can store it in a very airtight container. Only add the sauce just before serving. 
I hope you try these recipes and enjoy them and I hope you have an awesome day. 

Buffalo bites both ways.

2 Responses to “Cauliflower Buffalo Bites ”

  1. yummyfairy September 11, 2016 at 06:38 #

    I love cauliflower so I think I will give these a go!

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  2. Snapshotsincursive September 11, 2016 at 02:48 #

    Yumolicious! 🍓

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