Cheap Trend :Socks and Heels 

10 Nov


Today I will be chatting with you about a trend that has been all over the runways at many recent fashion week shows : Socks and Heels . 

This is not to be confused with the tourist faux pas : socks and sandals .  No, no ,  this is a more elegant version of that look . 

This trend has been cycling in and out of high fashion for years . I remember it having a brief splash in the mid-late 1990s but not so much after that. Until now. This look has been trickling in since early 2016 and now it’s back with a bang and I love it!

Socks and heels on the runway for Fall winter 2016-2017. From top left: Prada, Tommy Hilfiger and Missoni at the bottom.
I adore fashion , I go on YouTube and watch uploads of runway shows , I read blog posts informing me of the next season’s trends but the truth is I will seldom buy any of these items. This is what is great about this trend it is so easy to afford and pull off in so many ways.

So what do you need to wear this look?

1) A cute pair of heels 

Cute shoes [CHECK]

2) A cute pair of socks 

Cute socks [CHECK]

You probably already own multiple pairs of heels and socks are easy to come by , I got this pair for just $2.50.

This trend is suitible for various temperatures from thick woolen  knee highs paired with boots or ankle socks layered with leggings in cooler temperatures to light weight socks with strappy heels in warmer weather. Best of all you can get creative and DIY customise your socks from be dazzling with jewels to adding lace trim.

I hope my mini trend report has inspired you to try this one out or another affordable trend and I hope you have an awesome day!

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