Gift Guide for Pets

7 Dec

BLOG-Mas Day 7

On the 7th day of Blogmas we talk about gift ideas for pets, whether you are looking for something for the furriest member of your family or you want to give something to the friend who loves  animals more than people.

This gift guide is general, suggesting types of items not any specific brands or prices. It is also aimed at including something for most common household pets.

This is Cali, our naughtiest kitty.



Fancy Feeding Bowls

Feeding bowls

Anyone who has ever had a pet knows you can never have enough clean feeding bowls. Gift your pet some new ones for milk drinking and kibble munching.


Kitty treats

Just like humans, animals love treats. This is a very affordable pet gift and one that will be fully appreciated.


Pet Bed


Cat and dogs love a warm soft place to recline. A nice plush bed is great for this and gives him or her their own space.


Scratching posts and trees

Multi coloured posts 

This is strictly a cat gift. Anyone with cats knows how important it is for them to get their claws in something that isn’t your ratan furniture . These are available in many shapes and sizes for maximum exercise and fun.



Water Bottle

Cute small animal feeder

This is a useful gift for your gerbil or rabbit.  It’s suitable for someone who works fairly long hours as the animals can remain watered while he/she is out. There are also animal feed bottles.



Pineapple hideout

Little alcoves like this are great for your guineas and hamsters and Spongebob 😉 for both sleep and play. 




Birdie sticks

Get your feathered friends some treat sticks for them to peck away at and enjoy. Remember there are usually different recipes for different species so be sure to pick out the one for your bird.



Multicoloured bird perches 

Perching is a big part of being a bird. They tend to enjoy having something to hop from one spot to another and having something for them to push  around and play with like these wooden beads pictured here adds to the fun.



Feeding Bowls

Rock shaped bowl

Is my family the only one who feeds their tortoises out of container lids ? #ratchet #reducereuseandrecycle.  How about upgrading your reptilian friends with a legitimate feeding bowl. This too is reuseable.



Woodland habitat 

Reptiles love to bask in heat and then hide under things, it’s what they do. Now you could use an old shoebox like my mother does for the tories #still ratchet or you can get them a slightly more exciting one like this woodland inspired habitat pictured here.



Vacation Fish Feeder

Fish shaped feeding block

This is for when you have to travel and can’t trust your neighbours to feed your finned friends. It is essentially a block of fish food that the fish picks at while you’re gone. They come with different period of time they last for such as 7 day or 14 days.

Automatic Fish Feeder


This is like a hardcore scaled up version of a vacation feeder. This is also useful for persons who keep odd hours and may not get home in time to feed their fish. The food is preloaded and set to deliver specific amounts of food at a particular time. They exist both battery and electrically operated.

Aquarium Habitats 

Coral aquarium habitat 

I’m pretty sure your fish don’t care if you put a mini treasure chest or a pile of rocks in their aquarium. But they do seem to enjoy having  something to swim into and out of so get them a nice interesting habitat like this imitation coral one.


Pet Subscription boxes 


Like I said in my Gift Guide for her there are subscription boxes for EVERYTHING ! That includes pets. You receive a spread of treats and toys every month to spoil your fuzzy companion with. Some popular brands are Barkbox, Pet box and Cratejoy (for pets)


Animal Lovers Parphinalia 

Cat Lady Mug #catladypride

These are great gifts for pet people ( we aren’t their  owners or parents). Whether its a cute T-shirt professing their love of hamsters or this cat lady mug, a real pet person will receive this gift with glee.

Thanks for reading. Hopefully you’ve found some inspiration for gifting your pets or your pet loving friends. Have an awesome day!

Thanks for reading and have an awesome day!

This post is dedicated to our beloved cat Blonde Rose Pepper who we lost last year just before Christmas . 

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  1. shopgirlanonymous December 8, 2016 at 04:59 #

    What a cute cat lady mug!

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