Christmas Dessert-Apricot Ginger Chocolates

17 Dec


Hello. It is Blogmas day 17 if you can belive that already. Today I bring an easy recipe for your Christmas dessert. Chocolates. These chocolates are filled with a ginger spiced apricot filling giving them that festive twist.


I am not putting specific measurements because it is all dependent on the number of chocolates you make,  their size and how much ginger you like. My mold makes 12 chocolatesapproximately 1 inch across)

1) Chocolate -either candy melts, chocolate chips or chocolate blocks. 

2) Apricot Jam/jelly -you can use a different flabout if you wish

3)Ground ginger

4) Silicone chocolate mold– You can use any mold but the silicone ones make it way easier to remove. WAYYY easier.



1) Melt your chocolate and spread it thinly onto the inside of the mold. It should be thick enough to completely cover the top of the chocolate but thin enough to allow room for your filling.

Melted chocolate 

Spread into molds

2) Place in refrigerator and let it harden. It takes approximately 15 minutes but I left mine for 30 minutes.

3) Mix your ginger into the apricot jam.

Ginger and jam

4) Place small amount of jam into mold. Ensure the jam does not reach the level of the to of the mold. If it does it is too full. (I made this mistake)

(OVER) Filled molds

5) Cover the top of the mold with more melted chocolate. The top should be level. If the mold was overstuffed it will be domed and not smooth.

6) Refrigerate for at least 15 minutes. 

7) Remove chocolates from mold. I decorated mine with spray on gold colouring, you can add whatever you want e.g. lustre dust or splatter different coloured candy melts.

Finished chocolates

This recipe is very straightforward and fairly quick which makes it a great last minute dessert idea. The entire process takes about 40 minutes including the time to harden. You can make multiple batches in just one evening.

Inside of chocolate 

 Chocolate and apricot always go beautifully together, (chocolate and everything go beautifully together ) and the ginger adds just a touch of spice and depth to the flavour.

Be sure to try this out and have an awesome day!

2 Responses to “Christmas Dessert-Apricot Ginger Chocolates”

  1. pat@alldayieat December 19, 2016 at 04:32 #

    gorgeous! nice work 😀


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