Iced Tea Party

30 Jul

I love a good teaparty. It probably has something to do with my ongoing obsession with Alice in Wonderland. A major component of teaparties or tea is of course, the tea although I find most of the time we focus on the snacks and sandwiches and pastries (with good reason) This post is all about the tea, specifically fruit flavoured iced tea.

In recent times tea drinking has become so trendy that it is easy as ever to buy fantastic blends to try. I have hopped hard onto this bandwagon because I have never loved black tea or green tea but rather fruity and floral teas.

I decided that in addition to making iced fruity teas, to also add some actual fruit to give it some more flare.


1) Tea– As many or as few flavours as you wish. For this I’m using three: Peach, Rainbow sherbet and BlackBerry all of which I purchased from David’s tea shop.

2) Tea infuser– This is if you choose to use loose tea. If you have teabags then you won’t need this.

3) Glasses/Mugs– For serving the beverages.

4) Fruit– I chose fresh white peach, frozen strawberries and frozen blueberries

The teas

The fruit


1) Heat your water– I nuked a mug of hot water in the microwave but feel free to use a kettle.

2) Place tea in infuser then place into water and allow to infuse– the amount of time is usually recommended on the package but obviously the longer it steeps the stronger it will be.

Tea infusing

3) Place fruit into serving glasses– I allowed them to sit in the freezer for a while so they helped to chill the tea.

4) Pour tea over the chilled fruit and allow it to chill– Add honey and lime as preferred.

Add straws and serve with a pastry or cake (this is banana bread)

This is such a cool idea (ba-dum-bum-ching). I think it’s great for an afternoon of hanging out while casually entertaining or a great treat to make for yourself on a warm day. What’s your favourite tea flavour? Let me know and have an awesome day!



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