(Affordable) Decor: Your Vanity

3 Sep

Hello. This post is about easy, affordable and functional decor ideas for your vanity or side table or bathroom countertop or wherever you keep your cosmetics and trinkets.

I’m showing five ideas:

1) Picture frame tray

2) Cake stand display

3) Candle jar jar

4) Jelly jar storage

5) Framed postcard

Picture frame tray

Get an inexpensive picture frame that matches your aesthetic. Remove the back of the frame but leave the glass secured with the bits at the back (I tired googled what they are called with no success)

Place the “tray” on your surface and add your items, I place my perfume bottles because I think they look beautiful on a reflective surface.

Cake Stand Display

This is so easy it should be criminal. I find cake stands are coming more and more elaborate and beautiful. I also think cake stands add variation of height which is always interesting to look at.

Get a cake stand that fits with your decor. The one I use is a replica of mercury glass.

Then add your bits and bobs.

Candle jar jar

If you’re a candle fiend like my sister and myself, you’ve burned through your fair share of “Marshmallow Fireside” 3 wick candles. Instead of tossing the jar reuse it.

I place the jar into a bowl of warm water to melt and loosen the remaining candle. It also melts the glue which attaches the metal bottom of the wick. After that I just give the jars a good scrub and I’m done.

I place all sorts of things I’m these jars from mini perfumes and hand creams to makeup brushes.

Jelly Jar Storage

We’ve all seen mason jars and jelly and jam jars used to hold kitchen supplies like flour and sugar and as vases, but what about using them for storage. They are cute and very inexpensive and work for just about anything.
Get your jelly jar

Fill it with your small miscellaneous items such as hair clips and ties. I placed some expandable scrunchies in this one.

Framed postcard

This is an oldie but a goodie. Placing unconventional items in a frame is a great way to tie together your decor and add a nice touch without breaking the bank.

Get a postcard and an appropriately sized frame. I got this postcard from a cute giftstore called Sugarboo. I liked the sentiment.

Place the card into the frame and that’s it!

Arrange your beautiful yet functional and super affordable items and you’re set! Wishing you great inspiration and an awesome day!

One Response to “(Affordable) Decor: Your Vanity”

  1. Grubbing With Jess September 3, 2017 at 16:03 #

    I love these ideas! I’ve been looking for some cute tray type thing to place my perfumes and that mirror idea seems awesome! Thanks for the tips!!


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