The Signature Cocktail

30 Nov

The Signature Cocktail

Almost two years ago I did a blog post talking about holiday entertaining tips. In that, I mentioned concocting a signature cocktail. Well, I still recommend it, lol. A signature cocktail is a fun, easy idea that is sure to add some pizazz (that’s right, I unironically used the word pizazz) to any party/event that you have.

Some pros:

It’s cheaper– If you chose to serve just your signature cocktail or with only one or two other beverages, you only need buy one set of ingredients.

It’s easier– Again, having to mix or premix just one drink makes life far simpler for whoever is making and serving them.

It seems fancier (though it really isn’t)– When you pour that beautiful drink with cute toppings and announce it was created specifically for this event, people will be highly (or somewhat) impressed. It’s that attention to detail that sets a broke party girl (or guy) apart from the crowd.

It’s fun– It’s a great experience to come up with an idea for your drink, make it and serve it.

It’s a great way to personalize your event-Having a drink you invented just for a wedding or birthday adds a meaningful touch and makes it that much more special.


Some tips:

Find inspiration:

Theme: Use the theme of your event e.g. a tropical theme could have a drink with pineapple juice.

Colours: Your drink can be based off colours used in your event or based off of your favourite colours.

Abstract: Take inspiration from unexpected things. A few weeks ago I attended an event where there were cocktails made based off the top notes in perfumes they were premiering. I thought that was super cool. You can get inspired by notes in a favourite body fragrance or candle, you can pull on visuals in a painting, decor or architecture.

Let it compliment your menu flavours– In the same way you would select a wine based on the food being served, your signature drink should suit the menu. A crisp acidic based cocktail might suit a seafood soiree while a malty flavoured one goes with barbecued meat.

Let it suit the type of event– The cocktail flavours should match not only the actual food but also the type of food which is also somewhat dependent on the time of day. You may create a light and whimsical cocktail to go with a brunch or a sweet decadent one to go with a dinner party.

Keep it simple– Once you’ve been inspired and select your flavour profile, chose a few key elements and put them together, don’t over complicate it with every flavor you like.

Add a “surprise” element– This could be a sugared flower or candied fruit or some sweet treat. It can also get very fancy by adding dry ice or torching a marshmallow.

Signature Cocktail: The Broke Party Girl (pictured above)

Inspo: Champagne mouth and beer pocket, pink, bubbles.

Ingredients: Prosecco, Chambord liquor, Pink cotton candy, berries in syrup (I used Amarena cherries).

Presentation: Champagne flute, cotton candy placed on top.

Drop cotton candy into drink and watch it dissolve!


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