DIY Gift

7 Dec

Hello, today I bring an easy DIY gift idea. These are decorated wooden spoons and I think it adds a bit of personal pizazz to your basic kitchen supplies.


Wooden spoons

Acrylic paint in preferred colours

Paint brushes and other painting tools- I used a sponge and a dotting tool

Sealant/Protectant- This is to prevent the paint from chipping when it gets washed. Mod Podge is a good option.


1)Decide how far up (or down) the spoon you want your paint and tape it off- I used scotch tape but of course painter’s tape would work.

Spoons taped off

2) Paint a layer of white paint- This is to prime the wood, especially if you plan on using a light colour.

White paint added

3) Pour/Mix the colours- I chose three variations of pink to create a gradient.

Mix paint colours

4) Paint on colours- I added about three layers to make it very opaque

Paint colours added

5) Add designs- This step is optional, I kept it simple and added silver and gold dots but if intricate patterns on a small surface is your thing, feel free.

Paint for design

Design added

6) Once the paint has dried, add protecting layer of mod podge or other sealant and let that dry.

Sealant added

Once everything has dried, tie it up with a bow and you’re ready to gift!

Finished product

This is a great Christmas or anytime gift and also a great DIY for your own home. It adds a personal touch to everyday items.

Thanks for reading and happy DIY-ing!


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