New Year Dreams

1 Jan

Hello and Happy, Healthy 2019 to everyone

I dream of a December where I don’t find myself sitting scribbling into multiple notebooks all the things I will do differently in the upcoming year. That honestly makes me feel as if every year I fail. And sure, there are certain things in my life I’m not as successful at as I’d like to be but I’m not a failure. I am human and I have successes and losses and most of all, works in progress. That is what most of us are right? Works in progress and we likely will be for most of our lives. So in an effort not to make any overly ambitious resolutions that will probably make us feel like crap a few months on I wish to share some of my dreams for the upcoming year.


I dream of more love. First love for yourself. So many self destructive behaviors to ourselves and to others stem from us not having enough love for ourselves. I also dream of us loving each other, our fellow person a lot more. There are billions of us sharing this planet and we will have different beliefs, opinions and lifestyles but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t love and respect each other regardless.


I dream of people having more fun. Real uninhibited fun. As modern women and men we can get caught up in the image of the lifestyle we think we want and focus so much on that, we forget to have fun. We’ll even do things that are supposed to be fun that we may not truly enjoy. Whether it’s a trek on the beach or binge watching animated shows, be sure to have fun.


I dream that we will all achieve prosperity. For you that maybe opening your own business, for someone else that maybe finishing a degree or getting a promotion. Whatever that means to you I hope you find the tools and have the drive to make it happen.

Have a beautiful 2019


One Response to “New Year Dreams”

  1. Megala January 1, 2019 at 14:49 #

    Wonderful post! Wish you a happy healthy & prosperous New Year!!


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