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10 Jul

Tired of dropping hundreds of dollars in gym membership only to drop out weeks later? Unable to join that aerial silks class all your friends are talking about due to tight budget? Can’t put aside time to meet up on the beach for that free aerobics class?

Have no fear! Broke Party Girl is here to the rescue!

I know first hand how incredibly difficult it can be to establish a regular physical activity schedule and how easily it can get derailed. As busy working adults so many things can take priority over exercise. Then, if you’re fortunate enough to get a regimen going, all you need is one hectic week or a minor injury and before you know it you haven’t worked out in months!

Throughout my life I’ve exercised in many different forms; gyms, swimming, exercise groups (clubs) and some were very successful but at some point all came to an end for one reason or another. This led me to focus more on working out in my own home, on my own time and at my own pace. While I absolutely encourage as many forms of excerise as you want including gyms and classes, the ability to get it done in your own home gives you a great fall back option AND it’s more budget friendly.

Here are my suggestions for your budget friendly home workout


This one is a must and a no-brainer. Exercise or yoga mats create a barrier between yourself and the ground, cushioning you and making it easier to do certain exercises. The great thing about these is that they are easily found everywhere from supermarkets to hardware stores and of course online and they are typically very affordable.


This is another staple and I suspect everyone between 18 and 60 has owned one at some point. Exercise balls are inflatable and come in a variety of sizes to suit you and your preference. One of the most outstanding things about this item is the versatility. They can be used to do ab work, leg work , they can be used in aerobics and also in doing stretches. Like the exercise mat, exercise balls are typically easy to find and very affordable.


Another must have and the final piece of what I think of as the trifecta or work out items. If you purchase nothing else, get the mat, the ball and some weights. Weights can come in the traditional dumbbell form but there are some variants such as weighted balls and handheld dumbbells that have a strap going across the hand making it easier for persons who can’t hold dumbbells. Weights are useful in doing resistance work when strengthening and toning muscles. The weight or weights you choose depends on your strength and goals.


This isn’t a necessity but it’s an excellent tool. I personally LOVE skipping so maybe I’m biased. Skipping is an excellent form of cardiovascular activity and is considered a full body workout since you have to use multiple muscle groups such as abs, legs and arms. It helps to improve coordination and burns loads of calories. And it’s cheap, skipping ropes are very affordable so in fact I recant my initial statement, a skipping rope IS a necessity.


As the name blatantly implies, resistance bands work based on resistance. These rubbery bands are useful adjunct to weights with the added benefit of being able to work other muscle groups you typically wouldn’t with regular weights such as lower body muscles.


Yoga blocks are rectangular pieces of foam that are useful in helping with stability and support and as extensions of the arms allowing the user to achieve more poses. Most people use two but having just one is useful.


A foam roller is helpful in stretching and releasing muscle tightness. It is a cylinder of foam and can be found in many sports departments for a reasonable price.

Those are my personal recommendations for getting home exercise started. Note, there are no expensive machines or equipment in this list meaning you don’t need to spend thousands to get started.


What at home exercise equipment would you recommend?

Thanks for reading and have an awesome day!


Cheap and Chic:

14 Jun

Hello and welcome to the fancy life (just kidding). This post is about finding an affordable way to elevate your look using just one item: a silk scarf.


This is the item , a silk scarf. I purchased this one from Nordstrom. It is by their in house brand Halogen and cost $35 US.

So here are some ways to wear it:


Wearing a skinny silk scarf tied around your neck won’t keep you warm, but it sure will make you look fancy AF. It makes for a nice accessory and I especially like it paired with a button up shirt.


I really like this one. I love the idea of wearing things around your wrist that’s a little different from a dainty bracelet. I like leather and metal cuffs but a scarf is perfect. It’s a little bit girly and a little bit bad girl. I tie mine up like a bow.


This is a simple way to wear to wear a scarf. Adding it to your hairmakes you look as if you tried when you really didn’t.


This is another one I totally love. Wrapping a bag handle (seen here) or tied like a bow (seen above) really makes a basic bag become boogie.

If you can get your hands on a skinny silk scarf, definitely try wearing it all these ways. Thanks for reading!

Bright, Pink and Happy- MOTD

21 Apr

Hello and here is a bit of Easter inspired, makeup:

Milani Liquid lipstick in “Gorgeous”

Anastasia Beverly Hills “Riviera” eyeshadow and pressed pigments palette

Milani Baked Blush in “Bella Rosa”

This colour story invokes freshness and new beginning which is what Easter is all about.

Have a great Easter and an awesome day!

Pack with Me: Travel Makeup

27 Feb

Time to go! I’m recently did a bit of travel and I decided to share the makeup I packed. For me, travel is always a challenge to myself to be as minimalist as I can be since I try to travel as lightly as possible.

This means that when packing makeup for travel there are a few things I keep in mind:

One of everything– or as close to that as possible: This means I try to select an eyeshadow palette, blush and lip colours that are versatile enough to work with all my looks for that trip.

Double duty: Dual ended brushes, split pan products, products that can perform different tasks e.g eyeshadow and highlighter.

Pint sized: This is a perfect opportunity to whip out your minis, it saves on space and they will be safe for carry on.

Here are the products as shown:


Fenty Beauty Pro-Filter Foundation (430)

Maybeline Fit-Me loose setting powder in deep.


mini Benefit Gimme brow+ Volumising Gel in Deep(no.6)

Essence Lash  princess false lash effect mascara- truly one of the best affordable mascara on the market (10/10) would recommend.

Essence liquid liner in black,

Essence eye kohl.

Urban Decay Born to Run Eye shadow palette- This palette has a great mix of neutrals, colours, warm and cool tones, mattes and shimmers without being overwhelming (10/10 would recommend)


Elf Blush quad in dark.

Milani bronzer.

Fenty Beauty kilowatt freestyle duo in Ginger Binge and Moscow Mule.


Freakshow lip balm (it gives an INTENSE tingle)

Milani color statement lipstick in Blushing beauty.

Pat McGrath Labs lust matte trance lipstick in Elson


Nyx Matte finish setting spray

Fenty Beauty pressed setting powder.


Brushes: Anastasia Beverly Hills Dual ended brushes, Real Techniques Blush rush, Milani face brush, colour switch.

Sponge: Flower Beauty blending sponge.

Thanks for reading and have an awesome day!

10 ECO-Tips (that will be great on your wallet too)

15 Jan

We all care about the environment (I assume) and would love to do whatever we can to be a bit gentler to our planet. Sometimes, being environmentally friendly can be costly, time consuming and bothersome (still worth it though). However, sometimes it’s actually really easy. Here are some eco-friendly tips I have compiled to help us on our quest to go eco.

1.Wooden toothbrush

This particular tip isn’t necessarily cheaper than purchasing a regular plastic toothbrush but it costs about the same as a good quality regular brush and it’s a super easy swap to make.

2. Menstrual Cup 

For persons who have periods, the paper products widely peddled throughout the second half of the 20th century and into the 21st century do not come cheap and result in waste due to their one time usage. I suspect it will be a long while before we can completely get away from disposable paper products, but this is a good start.

The most popular brand I would say is the “Diva Cup” although there are others available. I have a close friend who has used a menstrual cup for over two years. She currently uses the Diva Cup brand and caustions that there is a bit of a learning curve but once you get into the … flow of things (ba-dum bum ching!) it works out fine.

The Diva Cup menstrual cup costs around $38 US which does sound a bit steep but for comparison, a woman can spend around $100 US per year in paper menstrual products while some women report their menstrual cups last 2-3 years.

3. Shorter showers

Or…less showers. I know. I KNOW! This one seems weird and well gross. However, many of us waste a lot of water in the shower just standing there letting it run over our bodies for minutes on end. In fact, many suggest that no shower should last more than 5 to 10 minutes at a time. Shorter showers can save water and save you money on your water bill.

4. Less Laundry

I KNOW! First, I tell you to wash your body less then I tell you to wash your clothing less! Yes, it seems odd but again, we wash a lot of our clothing far too often resulting in faster wear and tear which leads to more clothing being discarded and filling up landfills. Additionally, many persons will wash just a few pieces of clothing at a time. This wastes  a lot water, a lot of electricity and a lot of money. Any clothing that can be re-worn such as jeans, jackets etc. should be and wait until you have a full load before turning on that washing machine.

5. Cloth makeup Remover

Take a stroll to the cosmetics section of any drug store or even a high end makeup counter and you will see every company peddling their disposable makeup removers. A thick piece of tissue impregnated with some cleaning solution usually lavender or lemon scented, requiring that you use one or two a day and repurchase every couple of months. Well… what if I told you that there was a way to remove your makeup without destroying the earth! What if I told you it was super easy and affordable too!

There are plenty of brands out there making makeup removal facecloths that you wash and reuse. Most are made of microfiber which has great propensity to absorb oils and doesn’t scratch. I have been removing my makeup this way exclusively for about 18 months. Right now, I have 5 cloths that I use about 4 times each (I use half of one side at a time) then wash. With this number of cloths, I always have a clean cloth I can grab and I haven’t spent a dime on disposable makeup removers for ages.

6. Reusable bag

This is an oldie but goodie. By now, I hope that we all have a stash of sturdy reusable bags in differing shapes and sizes for all our shopping needs. Whether its one of the woven plastic ones or my personal preference; canvas (more durable and long lasting), you can really cut back on your plastic bag use by including these bags in your repertoire.

7. Reusable food wraps/covers

Cheese wrap by Bees Wrap

This is a new concept to me. There are food wraps made of cloth and infused with bees wax and tree resin. Because of the wax, the cloth is easily folded and molded to the shape of the item it is covering whether that is a piece of cheese, half or a cucumber or the top of a bowl. The wax also makes it somewhat waterproof. The best part is that these cloths are washable hence reusable. Goodbye aluminum foil, cling wrap and wax paper.

I first saw this product when browsing in Sur la Table, a cookware,dinnerware specialty store and the brand I saw there is Bees Wrap but there are a number of companies that offer this type of product.

8. Reusable glass/plastic containers

Another oldie but goodie. Again, instead of wrapping unfinished foods with disposable materials such as foil and plastic wrap, place your edibles in containers for storage. A good quality plastic container can be reused for years and glass is eternal (unless broken)

9. Dish rag/cloth

Instead of a sponge (which depending on your appetite for risk can last you’re a couple weeks or a couple months), a cloth used to wash your dishes can give you years of service. After a few days/weeks change to a new dish rag, then wash and reuse.

Stainless steel Insulated Travel Mug by ZAK

10. Reusable water bottle/mug

This one is a no-brainer. Many of us drink plenty of water/coffee/tea every day. If we were to drink those things while in our own homes we would use a glass or ceramic mug, because we can wash them and reuse them. Well it doesn’t have to be every different when we go out. I have a mug which keeps things either hot or cold for hours at a time and I do NOT leave home without it. I have had everything from coffee to cocktails put into this cup in order to avoid using a disposable one.

These ten tips are easy to incorporate into most lifestyles. They help your pocket and they help reduce your footprint on the planet. Thanks for reading and have an awesome day!

New Year Dreams

1 Jan

Hello and Happy, Healthy 2019 to everyone

I dream of a December where I don’t find myself sitting scribbling into multiple notebooks all the things I will do differently in the upcoming year. That honestly makes me feel as if every year I fail. And sure, there are certain things in my life I’m not as successful at as I’d like to be but I’m not a failure. I am human and I have successes and losses and most of all, works in progress. That is what most of us are right? Works in progress and we likely will be for most of our lives. So in an effort not to make any overly ambitious resolutions that will probably make us feel like crap a few months on I wish to share some of my dreams for the upcoming year.


I dream of more love. First love for yourself. So many self destructive behaviors to ourselves and to others stem from us not having enough love for ourselves. I also dream of us loving each other, our fellow person a lot more. There are billions of us sharing this planet and we will have different beliefs, opinions and lifestyles but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t love and respect each other regardless.


I dream of people having more fun. Real uninhibited fun. As modern women and men we can get caught up in the image of the lifestyle we think we want and focus so much on that, we forget to have fun. We’ll even do things that are supposed to be fun that we may not truly enjoy. Whether it’s a trek on the beach or binge watching animated shows, be sure to have fun.


I dream that we will all achieve prosperity. For you that maybe opening your own business, for someone else that maybe finishing a degree or getting a promotion. Whatever that means to you I hope you find the tools and have the drive to make it happen.

Have a beautiful 2019

Holiday Cocoa Bar

19 Dec

Cocoa is a delicious treat enjoyed by most. People drink it all year round but it gets more popular around holiday time. What you see more and more, is instead of making individual cups of cocoa and serving it, people are creating cocoa bars…just like how we made mimosa bars and popcorn bars and sundae bars…thanks Pinterest!

I for one, love the idea of an anything bar when hosting an event. Allowing guests an interactive experience is great, furthermore, you the host have a little less to worry about during the event since everything has been set up ahead of time.



Whipped cream

Toppings: marashmallows, sprinkles, cookie crumbs etc

Add-ins: Coffee flavourings such as hazlenut, raspberry or liquors e.g Chambord.


Sweet Snack: Cookies, Biscotti etc


Make your cocoa, you can do this on the stove or microwave or use a kettle.

I made a hot and cold cocoa bar, so after making my cocoa I placed half of it in the fridge to get nice and cool.

Choose a cozy spot for your bar. You can place it in a nice corner or on top of a kitchen island.

Place all the components out and play around until it is organized the way you like.

Add additional decor- I used a mini Christmas tree because I thought it added a classic touch. You can add baubles, tinsel, garland or nothing at all.

Displayed on this Cocoa bar: Cocoa, liquors, whipped cream, marshmallows, cinnamon, nutmeg and cayenne pepper, iced oatmeal cookies.

You can make it cold or hot and add your toppings.

A cocoa bar is a great addition to any holiday party whether it’s a Christmas day brunch or a gift wrapping party.

Happy Holidays and have an awesome day!

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