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Cereal Treats

21 Aug

We’re all too familiar with the rice crispy treat, a mixture of rice crispies, marshmallow and whatever else they add in to create a very sweet, sticky moreish delight enjoyed the world over. However, my mind was blown a few years ago when I realised you could do the same thing with any other cereal and from that point I’ve always wanted to try coming up with some concoctions of my own. Well I’ve finally done it!

This is a cool idea for a party or picnic snack. You can make them ahead of time, they’re fun and even though most people have had rice crispie treats, other cereal treats may be a novelty.


1) Cereal(s) of your chosing– I opted for a fruity cereal, chocolate puffs and Lucky Charms.

2) Marshmallow– I picked the smaller ones because I thought they would melt faster but in fact I have no proof that’s the case. You can also opt for flavoured marshmallow.

3) Toppings– I chose sprinkles,  icing and cocoa powder.

Multiple types of cereal.


Sprinkles, icing and cocoa powder.


1) Melt marshmallow in microwave- Try short bursts of 10 seconds or so, stirring each time until it’s soft.

2) Add cereal and melted marshmallow (along with any flavorings e.g. cocoa powder) to bowl and mix.

Add melted marshmallow to cereal.

3) Spread mixture into flat surface or mould (I used baking pans)

Mixture spread into a pan.

Other cereal mixtures in pans.

4) Let mixtures cool and harden in refrigerator.

5) Once hardened let soften a bit (allow to sit out) and remove.

Finished treats.

And that’s it! Enjoy!

Snapshots of : MIAMI

6 Aug

These are some snapshots of a visit to Miami. Miami is a vibrant city with a kaleidoscope of cultures and warm beautiful weather. There is something for you whether you love to eat, shop, party or explore. I hope my photos bring just a speckle of the richness that is Miami, some spots to check out and tips.

Room with a view

My hotel room offered me this view onto a fairly busy street with ongoing construction and opposite a fairly new and modern apartment complex. At various times of the day I would see people walking to go grab lunch, heading to the gym with their yoga mats and popping in and out of the nearby Whole Foods supermarket.


Local hotspot.

I checked out a local donut shop called “The Salty Donut” for breakfast. This place is so popular that they are rumoured to sell out of products each day. I made sure I got there super early to avoid lines and have a peaceful morning.

The display case.

This shop boasts interesting flavour combos year round such as maple and bacon, guava and cheese and brown butter and salt as well as seasonal options. Additionally, they sell some delicious coffee offering up familiar hot options such as cappuccinos and macchiato as well as cold brews and iced coffee.


Coffee and donut


My selection was raspberry and rhubarb donut, a sweet take on both fruits paired with brioche dough along with Japanese iced coffee with tangy fruity notes.


Raspberry rhubarb donut.




Shopping up a storm

Miami hosts a myriad of shopping options from outlet malls to well loved off brand retailers as well as beautific outdoor malls. I visited The Shops at Merrick Park in Coral Gables where you can find US mall staples such as Sephora, Francesca’s and Pottery Barn as well as some luxury options such as Gucci and Jimmy Choo and a favourite of mine; Anthropologie.

View of the steps at Merrick Park

There are a few dining options at Merrick Park one being Brasserie Central which serves French cuisine set at moderate prices.


French lunch

Clam chowder





Street view of La Centrale from the bridge.

This is described as an Italian Food Hall where diners can experience anything from casual deli style to al fresco to fine dining. The restaurants offer a plethora of options from meat based to seafood not to mention gelato and other desserts. There is also a bar situated in the centre of the fine dining hall and the kitchen where they offer classes in Italian cooking.I was able to take in the Neopolitan Pizza making class. Chef was thorough and very nice.

The kitchen.

Aprons for class.




Outdoor seating at La Centrale.


In addition to the pizza making class, I had breakfast at La Centrale on a Sunday morning. There was “limitless” Prosecco for two hours.

Breakfast delights.


Bombolone: Jelly filled donut.


Delicious brunch at The Caffè.


Apertivo and Cocktail bar.


Negroni fountain (no you didn’t actually drink from it, but it looked pretty!)


Negroni: This stuff is strong! 



This plaza is a staple in Miami at this point. An outdoor mall with well known American eateries such as Bubba Gump, Five Guys and Chillis as well as more authentic cuisine stalls selling Cuban and Caribbean food as well as a more run of the mill food court. There are also lots of stores selling clothing, art and jewellery and more as well as an open air theatre with a view of the ocean hosting local performances both day and night.

Bayside by night.


Bayside by day: Here boats taking passengers out on day trips.



This decadent Asian inspired restaraunt is located on the top floor of Brickell Centre. On the outside is a beautiful outdoor bar called sugar where there tends to be standing room only. However, on the inside there is this beautiful eatery with a live DJ.

” Bottomless Champagne”- We got to drink as much as we could stomach within 2 hours.

Tasting Menu

The prices in here are on the higher side without a doubt, however a fantastic option is their “tasting menu” where you can select one item from each segment of a menu and it gives you about four or five different things to eat including dessert as well as Moet for 2 hours.

Trying a tasting menu is a bit of a pro-tip for eating at a more expensive restaraunt especially if you are there in a group because then everyone gets a little taste of everything usually at a more affordable price.

Some of the dishes and the view from our table.



This is a shopping and lifestyle centre located in Downtown Miami. Here you can find luxury shopping stores such as Gucci, more affordable ones like H&M and Zara, makeup shops like M.A.C and Sephora not to mention some amazing restaraunts including the aforementioned La Centrale and Sugar rooftop bar and restaraunt. Surrounding the main centre are also more shops and restaraunts. This is a great place to spend an afternoon as well as finding something to do at night.

A view of Brickell City Centre from a bridge.


Brickell Centre is partially open air making it more relaxed.

View from across the waterway of Brickell City Centre.



Just out and roaming Miami City you get to enjoy a lot of unique architectural designs from the Art Deco buildings on South Beach, the sunny sky scraper apartment buildings with beautiful windows and glass balconies and of course, the flyovers curving and weaving like a 1960’s artist’s rendition of ” The Future”.

Flyover going across the water.

A view of the buildings .

A metro station.

View off Brickell Centre from across the water.

View from beneath.

Waterway and apartment buildings.

A mural



If you go to Miami, you have to at least check out South Beach, Miami Beach. It’s definitely one of the more popular spots in this city and that does mean it’s often crowded but I still reccomend. On South Beach you can find restaraunts galore, museums, shops, bars and clubs meaning there is definitely something for everyone there. If you are interested in architechture you will be amazed by the Art Deco buildings dispersed around this area with an actual Art Deco district for your viewing pleasure.

Street view of South Beach, Miami Beach.

The beach.


Delicious seafood pasta at a restaraunt in South Beach.


Dining out on South Beach.


Art Deco style building.


Shops in South Beach.


A shot of Collins Avenue.


Bustling nighttime in South Beach.


The famous Ocean Drive and the Art Deco welcome centre.


The clock: people take photos here as proof that they’ve been to Miami Beach.


Those are some of my snapshots of Miami, obviously this city has so much more to offer but these were some highlights for me. If you’re thinking of visiting definitely do it!


ON Trend: NEON Moment

26 Jul

So… NEON, ammirite?

Neon is out and about this year especially this summer. While brightly hued clothing, jewellery and even makeup isn’t new having had moments of insane popularity throughout the past 30 years or so 2019 is definitely a year for Neon to shine.This year Neon is popping up in little and big ways on the runway, in stores and on the streets.

OPI Neon polishes, Huda Beauty 9 pan Neon eyeshadow palettes, Orange bag by Zara.

Okay, so neon is popping and happening but you aren’t really a neon person so how can you incorporate this trend into your style? I would say a little goes a long way. Sure you can dress yourself from top to bottom in bright orange, hot pink and acid green, that’s cool but if you’re a little less…loud, you can try little accents here and there.

A great way to incorporate neon is with smaller clothing pieces like bikinis or cropped tops or jewellery pieces like earrings.

You can also add bright neon pops of colour with your makeup like a pink lip or orange eye or accessories like a wristlet or socks.What neon items do you plan to pick up? Have an awesome day!


10 Jul

Tired of dropping hundreds of dollars in gym membership only to drop out weeks later? Unable to join that aerial silks class all your friends are talking about due to tight budget? Can’t put aside time to meet up on the beach for that free aerobics class?

Have no fear! Broke Party Girl is here to the rescue!

I know first hand how incredibly difficult it can be to establish a regular physical activity schedule and how easily it can get derailed. As busy working adults so many things can take priority over exercise. Then, if you’re fortunate enough to get a regimen going, all you need is one hectic week or a minor injury and before you know it you haven’t worked out in months!

Throughout my life I’ve exercised in many different forms; gyms, swimming, exercise groups (clubs) and some were very successful but at some point all came to an end for one reason or another. This led me to focus more on working out in my own home, on my own time and at my own pace. While I absolutely encourage as many forms of excerise as you want including gyms and classes, the ability to get it done in your own home gives you a great fall back option AND it’s more budget friendly.

Here are my suggestions for your budget friendly home workout


This one is a must and a no-brainer. Exercise or yoga mats create a barrier between yourself and the ground, cushioning you and making it easier to do certain exercises. The great thing about these is that they are easily found everywhere from supermarkets to hardware stores and of course online and they are typically very affordable.


This is another staple and I suspect everyone between 18 and 60 has owned one at some point. Exercise balls are inflatable and come in a variety of sizes to suit you and your preference. One of the most outstanding things about this item is the versatility. They can be used to do ab work, leg work , they can be used in aerobics and also in doing stretches. Like the exercise mat, exercise balls are typically easy to find and very affordable.


Another must have and the final piece of what I think of as the trifecta or work out items. If you purchase nothing else, get the mat, the ball and some weights. Weights can come in the traditional dumbbell form but there are some variants such as weighted balls and handheld dumbbells that have a strap going across the hand making it easier for persons who can’t hold dumbbells. Weights are useful in doing resistance work when strengthening and toning muscles. The weight or weights you choose depends on your strength and goals.


This isn’t a necessity but it’s an excellent tool. I personally LOVE skipping so maybe I’m biased. Skipping is an excellent form of cardiovascular activity and is considered a full body workout since you have to use multiple muscle groups such as abs, legs and arms. It helps to improve coordination and burns loads of calories. And it’s cheap, skipping ropes are very affordable so in fact I recant my initial statement, a skipping rope IS a necessity.


As the name blatantly implies, resistance bands work based on resistance. These rubbery bands are useful adjunct to weights with the added benefit of being able to work other muscle groups you typically wouldn’t with regular weights such as lower body muscles.


Yoga blocks are rectangular pieces of foam that are useful in helping with stability and support and as extensions of the arms allowing the user to achieve more poses. Most people use two but having just one is useful.


A foam roller is helpful in stretching and releasing muscle tightness. It is a cylinder of foam and can be found in many sports departments for a reasonable price.

Those are my personal recommendations for getting home exercise started. Note, there are no expensive machines or equipment in this list meaning you don’t need to spend thousands to get started.


What at home exercise equipment would you recommend?

Thanks for reading and have an awesome day!

Cheap and Chic:

14 Jun

Hello and welcome to the fancy life (just kidding). This post is about finding an affordable way to elevate your look using just one item: a silk scarf.


This is the item , a silk scarf. I purchased this one from Nordstrom. It is by their in house brand Halogen and cost $35 US.

So here are some ways to wear it:


Wearing a skinny silk scarf tied around your neck won’t keep you warm, but it sure will make you look fancy AF. It makes for a nice accessory and I especially like it paired with a button up shirt.


I really like this one. I love the idea of wearing things around your wrist that’s a little different from a dainty bracelet. I like leather and metal cuffs but a scarf is perfect. It’s a little bit girly and a little bit bad girl. I tie mine up like a bow.


This is a simple way to wear to wear a scarf. Adding it to your hairmakes you look as if you tried when you really didn’t.


This is another one I totally love. Wrapping a bag handle (seen here) or tied like a bow (seen above) really makes a basic bag become boogie.

If you can get your hands on a skinny silk scarf, definitely try wearing it all these ways. Thanks for reading!

Bright, Pink and Happy- MOTD

21 Apr

Hello and here is a bit of Easter inspired, makeup:

Milani Liquid lipstick in “Gorgeous”

Anastasia Beverly Hills “Riviera” eyeshadow and pressed pigments palette

Milani Baked Blush in “Bella Rosa”

This colour story invokes freshness and new beginning which is what Easter is all about.

Have a great Easter and an awesome day!

Pack with Me: Travel Makeup

27 Feb

Time to go! I’m recently did a bit of travel and I decided to share the makeup I packed. For me, travel is always a challenge to myself to be as minimalist as I can be since I try to travel as lightly as possible.

This means that when packing makeup for travel there are a few things I keep in mind:

One of everything– or as close to that as possible: This means I try to select an eyeshadow palette, blush and lip colours that are versatile enough to work with all my looks for that trip.

Double duty: Dual ended brushes, split pan products, products that can perform different tasks e.g eyeshadow and highlighter.

Pint sized: This is a perfect opportunity to whip out your minis, it saves on space and they will be safe for carry on.

Here are the products as shown:


Fenty Beauty Pro-Filter Foundation (430)

Maybeline Fit-Me loose setting powder in deep.


mini Benefit Gimme brow+ Volumising Gel in Deep(no.6)

Essence Lash  princess false lash effect mascara- truly one of the best affordable mascara on the market (10/10) would recommend.

Essence liquid liner in black,

Essence eye kohl.

Urban Decay Born to Run Eye shadow palette- This palette has a great mix of neutrals, colours, warm and cool tones, mattes and shimmers without being overwhelming (10/10 would recommend)


Elf Blush quad in dark.

Milani bronzer.

Fenty Beauty kilowatt freestyle duo in Ginger Binge and Moscow Mule.


Freakshow lip balm (it gives an INTENSE tingle)

Milani color statement lipstick in Blushing beauty.

Pat McGrath Labs lust matte trance lipstick in Elson


Nyx Matte finish setting spray

Fenty Beauty pressed setting powder.


Brushes: Anastasia Beverly Hills Dual ended brushes, Real Techniques Blush rush, Milani face brush, colour switch.

Sponge: Flower Beauty blending sponge.

Thanks for reading and have an awesome day!

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