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Apple Fritters

26 Nov

Hello, today is a quick delicious easy recipe for apple fritters. Apple Fritters a sweet treats made from fresh apples.


1 large Granny Smith apple

1 cup of flour

1/2 cup of sugar

Assorted spices- I used nutmeg and cinnamon

1/2 tsp Vanilla essence 

Milk- add to dry mister a little at a time until desired consistency achieved. 


1) Dice apple

2) Add all ingredients and mix until a lumpy consistency 

3) Heat oil in a skillet/pot

4) Make balls of the dough and drop into oil

5) Fry until golden brown

6) Mix some confectioners sugar with water to create a runny glaze 

7) Drizzle glaze over the fritters and they’re ready to serve

These are a fantastic snack to make for guests or as a dessert option. The crunchy texture and tartness of the apple goes along fantastically with the sweet spiciness of the cinnamon and nutmeg.

Have an awesome day!

Halloween Teaser

18 Sep

I love Halloween! From the decorations to the foods to the costumes. That being said I’ve been trying to hold back until October before I posted about this spooky Holiday but I could not wait.

Just about every year for the past 10 years or so, my sister and I have a Halloween movie party where we don costumes, decorate the house and invite our friends over for snacks and scary films.

In the tradition of thrifty DIY-ers we make almost all of or decorations and props from scratch. It isn’t worth it to spend a small fortune on something for just one night a year and besides, we couldn’t afford it even if we wanted to.

Here is a little teaser from one of said parties. The year was 2009, the trend was Vampires in the biggest way. I chose a combined theme of True Blood and Twilight.


Tablescape: Vase filled with stones then red crystals, branch (fell from a tree in our yard) spray painted black with artificial red apples hanging by string, surrounded by red candles and styrofoam “food for humans” sign.


Table with the aforementioned food for humans (the vampire “food” was elsewhere). On that little netbook there we had the Twilight movie playing.


Styrofoam “Merlottes Bar and Grill” signifying the drink station. (A true blood fan would get this)


The drink station with “blood punch” (red sangria) taking centre stage.


Directions to the Vampire “food”: Non homemade but very cheap props such as these are usually found everywhere (supermarket,hardware store,bookstores even) at this time of year.


Blood red candles to help set the blood sucking mood. Inexpensive red tapers give a spooky feel when added to our pre-owned black candelabra. (Yes that’s a real family photo caught there in the corner).


Hand painted gourds.


In keeping with Twilight, a vase of red apples.

As mentioned, I love Halloween and I can’t wait to decorate this year. Hope to have a couple more Halloween posts between now and then.

Have an awesome day!

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