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18 Jan

Hello, welcome to the second installment of the “Basics” series where I outline wardrobe essentials every girl needs to keep her afloat.

Today we discuss work wear. This is for persons who have a typical daytime, office job i.e no uniform or casual wear. As with the Casual Basics post this list is suggestive and meant to be supplemented by non-basic items.


V Neck satin cap sleeve blouse in nude from H&M $25

You should have about 6 (total) of these in both long and short sleeve. It’s best to start with neutrals e.g nude and beige then add a few colours e.g purple and navy and a print.





Black ruffled sleeveless blouse from H&M $10



You need about 3 of these. They are great for layering.





JACKETS Black Jackey H&M $35

1 black or other dark neutral e.g navy or grey very well-tailored jacket for days when you want to look more polished. (Side note: This can be the same jacket used for casual wear)





You should have 3 pairs of pants, 2 neutrals e.g khaki, grey or black and 1 colour  or patterned one.

Alfani Blue cropped Pants $35 US from Macy's.jpeg


You should have 1 pair of cropped pants. This is a statement style so I recommend a bright statement colour or pattern.





ABOVE KNEE Aubregiene pleated knee length skirt from Shein.com $20.jpg

3 knee length (or slightly above knee).1 flare (with pleats) and 1 straight or body con and one other style e.g fit and flare or A-line. Neutrals or dark colours are more versatile.



Black midi skirt from H&M $15


1 below knee skirt is recommended. A nice pencil or pleated style in a neutral colour hitting at the calf adds sophistication to any outfit.





You need 2 knee length dresses. 1 should be a dark neutral such as black or grey in a nice fitted but well-tailored style. The other can be any colour but a darker jewel tones are nicest and most flexible e.g. aubergine or forest green.

JL Black dress $37.jpg

I hope this gives some ideas for work wear basics. With these items in your repertoire you will always have something suitable for work. Your shoes, bag and jewellery will complete your looks.

I have listed all the items pictured below.

Thank you for reading and stay tuned for the next installment which is on Shoe Basics.
Have an awesome day!

Items pictured

V-Neck cap sleeve blouse in nude -H&M $25

Black ruffled sleeveless top – H&M $25

Jacket -H&M $35

Bright blue cropped pants -Alfani $35( macys.com)

Aubergine pleated knee length skirt-SheIn $20(shein.com)

Black midi skirt- H&M $10

Black dress- John Lewis $37(johnlewis.com)





11 Jan

Hello all, happy new year! I wish joy, peace and success to everyone in 2016 and beyond.

Today’s post is the first of a four-part series entitled “Basics” where I outline basic wardrobe items every girl should have.

In this post I’ll be aDRESSing (bad dum ching) basic casual wear which entails the stuff you wear when you go to the movies, dinner, shopping, hang out etc… basically everyday wear.

If you invest in a few basic pieces you will ALWAYS have something to wear. I HATE when my friends and I do something spontaneous and I go to pick out something and end up sitting on a pile of clothes I’ve dragged out of my closets almost in tears cause “I have nothing to wear”.

Having these basics almost entirely eliminates this occurrence. This list is not meant to be exhaustive but rather suggestive and is based on the premise that you will add some “non-basics” to compliment your basic wardrobe.

Let’s get to it!


CAMIS/TANKSBlack Tank top $6 H+M

You’ll need about 3 of these in neutrals e.g. black, white, grey. These are excellent for layering as well as on their own.


TEESBlack V neck shirt H&M $6

Some basic tees with either a cap sleeve or half sleeve depending on your preference. You’ll also need about 3 of these in neutrals. They are also good for layering but fine on their own.



Plaid Shirt by Faded Glory $10

Something with some sleeves and buttons. These are useful for a more conservative or formal look as well as great for layering. I recommend 2 neutral blouses e.g. black and white as well as a plaid(flannel) and a denim shirt , two timeless styles.



Black Jackey H&M $35(This doesn’t include winter jackets). You need 1 jacket. A nice fitted one with a good cut and made from luxuriant material. I recommend either a neutral such as black or tan or a deep jewel tone such as emerald, royal purple or navy.



You need 3 skirts.


MAXI                                                                                                            Black jersy maxi skirt from allyfashion.com $11

Get this in a neutral e.g black or tan. It’s great for a boho vibe and can be paired with any of the basic tops mentioned above.




Get this in a  body con  style. It’s great to dress up for an evening on the town or dress down for a daytime look.

Black pleated flare skirt.jpg


A short(ish) flared skirt for a more dressed up fun look. This can be great in black or maybe a bold print that can be easily matched with a lot of different tops.





2 of these: 1 denim pair and 1 neutral e.g. khaki or black.


You should have 2 pairs: 1 well fitted pair of blue jeans with whatever wash you prefer (I find a dark wash matches well with most things) and 1 other colour either another blue pair with a different wash or black. Jeans can withstand a day out as well as clean up nicely for night time looks.

Black leggings


These are a staple. You can be safe with 3 pairs in dark tones e.g. black,grey and navy. Leggings can be dressed down for a super casual day or vamped up for evening. They are great lounging wear, travel wear and can even be used as active wear.



Floral print wide cut pants H&M $50.jpeg1 pair. I recommend a neutral like black or white or a statement print that has many matching options.This is the kind of pant you can do a wide leg with or a super fitted bottom with heels for that elegant look.





SHORTBlack skater dress from Choies $26.jpg

I recommend 2 short dresses. One fit and flare and a more fitted body con dress. Cannot go wrong with black but other dark colours are equally versatile.


This is for when you want to feel a little more conservative like maybe Floral midlenghth dress from Lindy Bop usa $16.jpghaving brunch with your grandparents or attending a church function. This kind of dress could work in a neutral tone but would be great either in a bright colour such as aqua or coral or maybe a floral print. A medium length dress would look nice with a fuller skirt but can work with a pencil fit as well, depends on your style.


LONGBlack Maxi Dress from H&M $12.jpeg

A maxi length dress for comfort as well as  bringing the drama. Great in black or another dark colour e.g. navy or maroon.




This list contains a lot of neutrals right? Black. White. Grey. That’s the point. With these basics you can now build your wardrobe. You can glam up or glam down each piece based on the accessories used making each piece stretch.

Having basics saves money. Instead of buying something new to wear each time you go out, you can open your closet and realise the almost endless options available. Usually adding just one new item e.g a pair of earrings or a belt and you have an entirely reinvented outfit!

Keep posted (you can follow my blog) for the continuation of this series. The next topic is Basics Work wear and will be posted in one week’s time.
Thank you for reading and have an awesome day!

Below I have listed all the clothing items shown in the pics

Cami- H&M $4

Tee- H&M $4

Red and black plaid shirt- Faded Glory $10

Jacket- H&M $35

Maxi skirt- allyfashion.com $11

Mini flare skirt- shein.com $13

Wide leg print pant- H&M $50

Black skater dress- choies.com $26

Floral print mid length dress- Linda Bop (lindabop.com) $16

Black maxi dress- H&M $12

Thanks for reading and have an awesome day!




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