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Love Crepes

1 Feb

Hello and welcome to Febuary, the month of love (I suppose). When it comes to Valentine’s  I tend to not be impressed by cutesy pink lovey dovey stuff but I do like the ideal of doing something nice for someone you love whether it be your mother, sister, best friend or significant other. 

Love crepes

This recipe is one for red velvet crepes smothered in a Nutella ganache. Decadence in the form of breakfast. Nutella is an excellent crepe filling (my favorite ) and I thought making it into a rich sauce would be a tasty twist know top of these crepes. I used the recipe from Joy of Baking but adapted it to make it red velvet flavoured.



This makes about 2 servings of 10-12 heart shaped crepes

1) 1/2 cup of flour

2) 1 tbsp of white sugar

3) 1 egg – brought to roomtemperature 

4) 1 50mL (approx 2/3 cup) of milk.

5) 1tbsp melted butter

6) 1 tsp vanilla extract 

7)1 tbsp cocoa 

8) Red food colouring – use as much or little as you like.


Ganache Sauce 

Note this recipe isn’t very precise, you can add more or less of each ingredient you suit you.

1) 4 tbsp of Nutella – only 2tbsp pictured here 

2) 1/4 cup of milk 

Ganache ingredients 



1)Blend ingredients in a food processor /blender /nutribullet until it forms a smooth watery batter. 

Crepe batter

2) Place batter in refrigerator for about 30 minutes.

3) Place a skillet on high heat and add a bit of butter letting it melt and spread over the entire surface of the pan.

4) Place the cookie cutter on the skillet then pour batter to fill in.

Pour batter into cookie cutter 

5) Allow to cook until edges appear browned then remove cookie cutter (to avoid burning the metal)

Remove cookie cutter 

6) Flip crepes and allow to finish cooking. Make as many as you like, they will be stacked.

Stacked crepes

Ganache sauce

1) Bring milk (or heavy cream) to a boil in a save pan or heat in microwave.

2) Pour over Nutella and mix until a smooth mixture is formed.


Finished crepes and sauce

You’re done! Feel free to serve the sauce on the side or Pour it over the crepe tower allowing the sauce and crepes to merge flavours.

Covered in sauce

Ready to serve

These. Were. Delicious. Do you hear me? Delicious! I could honestly see this being served at a cozy, kitchy but trendy cafe in some trendy city. Lol. The mild cocoa flavour in the crepes is complimented by the delightful hazelnut flavour from the Nutella. The crepes are light and moist and the sauce is rich. This is a winning combo. 

Make this for someone you love and have an awesome day! 


Avocado and Hummus on Pumpernickel Toast

31 Jul

Hello all, I decided to eat the trend and jump on the avocado toast bandwagon. I gave it a little pizzazz by adding hummus and layering tomato on top. I’m going to share this super easy recipe for a healthy DIY breakfast alternative to some over processed cafe sandwich.

But first…..

An Argument for Avocado 

So avocado is real darn trendy these days, as trendy as kale in 2013 and as trendy as coconut oil in 2015. As with everything trendy there is a certain amount of hate associated and I get it. Once a popular social media outlet gets wind of something cool it gets big then all of a sudden there are entire pinterest boards and Tumblr threads dedicated to that thing. And it can feel annoying, like no one was interested in avocado in 2012 but it’s been around the whole time, right? 

Well the only thing trendier(is that a real word?) than avocado itself is confounded avocado toast! It is everywhere!  I can’t type breakfast into anything and not have avocado toast pop up. I wanted to hate it so much but the truth is….I love avocado. I really really love avocado. It’s delicious and rich and a source of healthy fats and indeed back when we were teenagers my sister and I would smush avocado between 2 slices of bread and have it just like that. 

So embrace the avocado my friends, embrace it.

Now onto the recipe 

I chose to use pumpernickel bread because it is my all time favourite bread EVER. For anyone who isn’t sure pumpernickel is dark brown and  looks as if it would be chocolate  flavored but it isnt. It’s dense and a bit sour and very complex in taste. It goes beautifully with most flavours.

Now really onto the recipe…


1) 1 Haas avocado  (or any avocado )

2) 1 Ripe tomato

3) Hummus

4) Pumpernickel bread

Money Saving Protip:

I got both my hummus and pumpernickel bread half off as they were both approaching their sell by dates. Most items don’t go off until well after their sell by dates so if you want to save a couple coins and you aren’t afraid this is a great way to acquire items that aren’t usually cheap (like hummus and pumpernickel bread)


Prep: Scoop out the flesh of the avocado and mash it with a fork, add a bit of black pepper to taste. I prefer mine to be lumpy but if you want it smoother you can give it a few seconds in a food processor /blender/vitamix/nutribullet/whatever. 

1) Slice and toast your bread to your desired crispness. I actually prefer mine practically UNtoasted. (not sure if that’s a word either)

2) Spread a thin layer of hummus over the bread in much the same way you would put mayonnaise on a sandwich.

3) Put approximately 1 tbsp of mashed avocado on top of the hummus layer.

4) Cut a tomato slice in half and place over the avocado layer.

Add a cup of coffee and you have a decadent tasty breakfast. Enjoy and have an awesome day!

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Pumpernickel French Toast Bites

13 Apr


Hello all, it certainly has been a while, 3 months to be exact. I hope the year has been going alright so far. I seem to be busy as a bee this year although I doubt I have much to show for it.

Anyhow, let’s dive right in.

These came to be one Saturday morning as I woke up and was desperate for something sweet. I considered making pancakes but felt as if that would take way too long. I looked at the pancake syrup and considered just pouring it onto my tongue but I figured that too barbaric and not filling enough. Then, I looked in the corner of the kitchen and it came to me.

Sitting there, tied up in an inconspicuous plastic bag and forgotten were some mini pumpernickel bread slices,originally meant I think to serve as a base for appetizers.

I had picked them up at the supermarket about a week before because they were mad cheap- I think the price had been marked down , and ever the poor party girl I saw this as an opportunity to try something I usually wouldn’t have. So I bought them and I forgot about them.

Not that fateful morning though, I decided that when pancakes were too much of a bother, the next best thing is french toast. In this case mini french toast. Made from pumpernickel bread. Dipped in some gooey pancake syrup.


The characteristic deep brown colour of pumpernickel bread. Looks like chocolate but it doesn’t taste that way!

It also dawned upon me that these would be great little brunch appetizers. Never mind if you don’t have mini pumpernickel bread. This could easily be done with white bread, wholewheat or whatever your preference and regular sized slices could be cut into squares or lengthways to make french toast sticks.

WHAT I DID (This mixture gave me 6 pairs of mini french toast- each slice of bread is about 2″x 2″)

1) I mixed : 1 egg, 1/2 cup of low fat milk, 1/2 teaspoon of cinnamon in a bowl.



At this point one could add a tablespoon of sugar to sweeten the mix, I didn’t because I knew I’d be having syrup all over it very soon.

2) Get my bread slices into pairs, then proceed to dip them into the mixture. I let them soak for a bit because pumpernickel bread is very dense and tending towards the dry side. For most run of the mill bread just a dip should be enough.


3) Pile 2 pieces together to form a sandwich with a bit of mixture in the middle and place in pan with some butter.


4) Place on a plate, pour some syrup and enjoy!


Honestly this is super easy, so much so I barely had to write any instructions. It’s a great fun breakfast treat and easily translatable as a party food. Pankcake syrup, chocolate sauce and fruit coulis are great ideas for dips to serve with this.

Enjoy and have an awesome day!




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