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Gift Guide for Pets

7 Dec

BLOG-Mas Day 7

On the 7th day of Blogmas we talk about gift ideas for pets, whether you are looking for something for the furriest member of your family or you want to give something to the friend who loves  animals more than people.

This gift guide is general, suggesting types of items not any specific brands or prices. It is also aimed at including something for most common household pets.

This is Cali, our naughtiest kitty.



Fancy Feeding Bowls

Feeding bowls

Anyone who has ever had a pet knows you can never have enough clean feeding bowls. Gift your pet some new ones for milk drinking and kibble munching.


Kitty treats

Just like humans, animals love treats. This is a very affordable pet gift and one that will be fully appreciated.


Pet Bed


Cat and dogs love a warm soft place to recline. A nice plush bed is great for this and gives him or her their own space.


Scratching posts and trees

Multi coloured posts 

This is strictly a cat gift. Anyone with cats knows how important it is for them to get their claws in something that isn’t your ratan furniture . These are available in many shapes and sizes for maximum exercise and fun.



Water Bottle

Cute small animal feeder

This is a useful gift for your gerbil or rabbit.  It’s suitable for someone who works fairly long hours as the animals can remain watered while he/she is out. There are also animal feed bottles.



Pineapple hideout

Little alcoves like this are great for your guineas and hamsters and Spongebob 😉 for both sleep and play. 




Birdie sticks

Get your feathered friends some treat sticks for them to peck away at and enjoy. Remember there are usually different recipes for different species so be sure to pick out the one for your bird.



Multicoloured bird perches 

Perching is a big part of being a bird. They tend to enjoy having something to hop from one spot to another and having something for them to push  around and play with like these wooden beads pictured here adds to the fun.



Feeding Bowls

Rock shaped bowl

Is my family the only one who feeds their tortoises out of container lids ? #ratchet #reducereuseandrecycle.  How about upgrading your reptilian friends with a legitimate feeding bowl. This too is reuseable.



Woodland habitat 

Reptiles love to bask in heat and then hide under things, it’s what they do. Now you could use an old shoebox like my mother does for the tories #still ratchet or you can get them a slightly more exciting one like this woodland inspired habitat pictured here.



Vacation Fish Feeder

Fish shaped feeding block

This is for when you have to travel and can’t trust your neighbours to feed your finned friends. It is essentially a block of fish food that the fish picks at while you’re gone. They come with different period of time they last for such as 7 day or 14 days.

Automatic Fish Feeder


This is like a hardcore scaled up version of a vacation feeder. This is also useful for persons who keep odd hours and may not get home in time to feed their fish. The food is preloaded and set to deliver specific amounts of food at a particular time. They exist both battery and electrically operated.

Aquarium Habitats 

Coral aquarium habitat 

I’m pretty sure your fish don’t care if you put a mini treasure chest or a pile of rocks in their aquarium. But they do seem to enjoy having  something to swim into and out of so get them a nice interesting habitat like this imitation coral one.


Pet Subscription boxes 


Like I said in my Gift Guide for her there are subscription boxes for EVERYTHING ! That includes pets. You receive a spread of treats and toys every month to spoil your fuzzy companion with. Some popular brands are Barkbox, Pet box and Cratejoy (for pets)


Animal Lovers Parphinalia 

Cat Lady Mug #catladypride

These are great gifts for pet people ( we aren’t their  owners or parents). Whether its a cute T-shirt professing their love of hamsters or this cat lady mug, a real pet person will receive this gift with glee.

Thanks for reading. Hopefully you’ve found some inspiration for gifting your pets or your pet loving friends. Have an awesome day!

Thanks for reading and have an awesome day!

This post is dedicated to our beloved cat Blonde Rose Pepper who we lost last year just before Christmas . 

Christmas Gift Guide for her (mostly) 2016

2 Dec

Hello and welcome to the first Blogmas post. This is a guide aimed mostly at a female recipiant. Gift giving is very personal so I chose things I would pick out for persons I know or want to receive mysef. I have tried to offer up selections at varying pricepoints from budget to high end.I know persons reading this could be from any corner of the globe so I have selected things that can be purchased online and shipped world wide and given the prices in US dollars.


For the candle connisseur in your life (my sister) a gift of burning, scented wax is a dream come to life.Candles are a cute gift that most people will appreciate and is usually easy to find. But all candles aren’t equal and they certainly aren’t equally priced. Here are some brands that are great quality and can suit each budget.


I know what you’re thinking…those are candles you get from a supermarket! Yes they are, BUT this brand has been making scented candles for years and they’ve gotten quite good at it. Glade candles are sold on sleek glass jars, they have long burning time and the scent throws well. Glade candles are also easy to find at most supermarkets, hardware stores and online typically costing between $3-6 US each.


This is another company that has been doing candles for years and has managed to maintain a reasonable price point. Yankee candles have a very specific look, being housed in large bell jars that make you think of a Southern home. They also tend to do very cute scents like pecan pie and cotton candy. Yankee candles vary in price according to size but the traditional 22oz (623g) goes for $28 US.

#basic right? Lol. Everyone and their mother (well my mother at least) is in love with BBW candles particularly the now iconic 3 wick candles they sell in an array of scents. BBW candles have good scents that throw well and there is literally a fragrance for everyone . These candles go for $22.50-26.50 each at full price but they go on sale  regularly slashing the price to $12.50 each.


We’ve really made a jump in price here, but also a jump in quality. Jo Malone knows how to make scents and fragrances period. From the understated elegant packaging to the very strong yet not overpowering classy scents, a Jo Malone candle is a great gift. The 7oz (200g) candles go for $65US.

This brand is becoming increasingly popular  (to me at least). It is like Jo Malone but with a bit of whimsy. And more expensive ,  lol. This brand boasts sophisticated scents such as mimosa and fig tree and the are presented in simple glass jars with jumbled letters.
Below is a breakdown of these brands in cost per oz to give a better idea of pricing.
Glade                                $3-5 ( 3.4 oz)                                                       $1.17/oz           

Yankee                           $28 (22oz)                                                             $1.29/oz

BBW                              $22.50-$26.50 (13.5-14.5 oz)                            $1.75/oz

Jo Malone                     $65 (7oz)                                                                $9.28/oz

Diptique                      $62 (6.5 oz)                                                            $9.50/oz


This can be tricky. I cannot tell you how many times I have smelt a fragrance thinking someone I know we’ll would absolutely adore it only to find they can’t stand it. If you are brave enough to still get a fragrance as a gift I have 3 tips.

1) Ask- Casually ask your friend “Hey what perfume is that?” Or maybe question her/his significant other as to what kind of fragrance they like.

2) Research – Go online and search for the perfume finding out the notes etc then search for similar perfumes. I personally recommend  the website fragrantia.com which is a veritable database of literally any perfume you can imagine.

3) Return – Be sure to get your gift from a store with a decent return policy in case no. 1 and 2 fail you.

Now to the recommendations


Have you ever smelt something (like chicken cooking or freshly cut grass ) and thought…I’d love that in a perfume. Well, thus company has made it I promise you. They make very pure, singular scents such as orange blossom or lavender but they also make every other scent you could imagine such as Baby Powder, Pistachio Ice Cream, Sushi and  Dirt!


These are your run of the mill perfumes sold at department stores and duty free shops in airports. They also continue to make great gifts. These fragrances vary in price points depending on the brand but typically run in excess of $20US per oz. The following are 3 personal recommendations. 

Black Opium by YSL (now Saint Laurent)

This fragrance has become super popular over the past two years and with good reason. It has a warm and deep with vanilla and coffee notes but not too sweet. It goes for $90 for 1.6 oz

Flower bomb by Viktor and Rolf

This perfume couldn’t have been better named. This is what it literally smells like. As if someone dropped a bagful of fresh fragrant garden flowers and it exploded. This goes for $115 for 1.7 oz.

Elizabeth and James Nirvana 

There is a Nirvana White, Nirvana Black, Nirvana Bourbon and Nirvana Rose which is pictured here. They all smell great but my personal favorite is Nirvana Black which is woodsy and spicy and dark. This goes for $85 for 1oz.

Jo Malone

Here is that name again ,  good ole Jo. This company not only makes top notch candles, they make top notch fragrances . Many of the sent found in candles can be found in the perfume range. The sent are clean, powerful and comfortable .  They go for $130-$180 for 3.4 oz.

Here is a breakdown of cost per oz

Demeter                 $16 (1oz), $31 (4 oz)                                        $7.75-16/oz

Black Opium         $90 (1.6oz/50mL),$115 (3oz/90mL)           $38-56/oz

Flower bomb         $115 (1.7oz/50mL),$165 (3.4oz/100mL)    $48-67/oz

Nirvana                  $85 (1oz)                                                             $85/oz

Jo Malone              $130-180(3.4oz/100mL)                                 $38-52/oz


If you’re looking for a gift for a makeup enthusiast, you have A LOT to chose from. Makeup holiday kits are all the rage to the point where it can get overwhelming. But they make a great gift. Here are a few recommendations 


BH Cosmetics Gold Rush

This company has become a budget friendly favourite for many. They churn out decent quality shadows and blushes for unbeatable prices. This palette contains twelve shadows in festive golds and bronzes as well as a blush, bronzer and highlighter. It goes for $7 Just to notell BH Cosmetics also has a “Silver Strike” holiday palatte with cooler tones. Available on BH Cosmetics 

Lorac pro Mega 3

Every holiday season, Lorac drops a Maga pro palatte. This one contains 32 shades with some very warm and coppery colours and dome light peachy nudes. This palette goes for $59 exclusively at Ulta.

A few other higher priced holiday palettes include Tartiest pro palette -$59, Hourglass Ambient Lighting blush, bronzer and strobe palette- $80 and YSL Sparkle palette $95.  All available at sephora.com and amazon.com.


NYX Liquid Suede Vault

24 mini versions of the insanely popular NYX liquid lip colours. This is a great way to sample a wide range of colours but it can also be broken up to give as stocking stuffers.This is going at $50 for 24 colours, 0.05floz each compare to the full sized.There is also a set of 36 mini (0.168floz) soft matte lip creams available for $65.Available on NYX and Ulta

Kat von d

Every makeup lover knows that Kat von D knows what she is doing especially with her beautiful highly pigmented liquid lip colours . This set comes with eight shades ranging from brown to pink to purple and is great for someone as obsessed with Kat von D as I am or good for breaking up and giving as multiple gifts. This is $49 for 0.8floz compared with $20 for full sized 0.22floz . Available at Sephora, Kat von D and Amazon

We live in the age of gadgets. There are dozens to chose from: phones, tablets, go pros and so on. However, the gadget receiving a bit of buzz right now (at least for me) is the Amazon Echo.
Amazon dot(2nd Generation )

The Dot is a mini version of the Echo. It is a small speaker which is Alexa enabled so it has most features of an Echo but the sound won’t travel.This goes for $49.99
Amazon Echo

This is the future. I remember being very young and watching a British TV show set in the future, where the boy had a personal robot in his room. It was a massive screen but it spoke to him, giving him information about people and places. Well guys, this is it. In a compact cylinder. Alexa can tell you the weather, read audio books and play your playlist all at your vocal command. The Echo apparently works best in the US and UK (presently) but can work worldwide. It goes for $179 on amazon.com 

I call these lazy gifts, which isn’t completely fair. Sometimes the person you are gifting is miles away and this kind of gift is the best option.

Online gift cards are great because you can select whatever monitory value you wish from $5-$500 if you so desire and many of them have no expiration date. Some popular gift cards include amazon and itunes.

Subscription boxes are getting more and more popular and more and more of them are becoming available worldwide. They are also becoming way more diverse. You can select a book lovers subscription such as owlcrate or for a makeup lover ipsy.Many of these subscriptions go for between  $10-35 per month.
So that’s my 2016 Holoday gift guide. Hopefully you found some inspiration for gift giving. Have an awesome day!


15 Dec

White and red Christmas gift

Hello all. So it’s that time of year again. The time where you spend more money in a few weeks than you do for the rest of the year. Lol. Holidays can become quite expensive what with dinners, outfits, events, travel and of course gifts.

No matter how hard I try I somehow end up spending more than I planned and I find myself a few days before Christmas stumped as to what to get some of my loved ones. I decided this time to do some research and get some ideas. Now I am sharing some of those ideas. These gifts are primarily for girls but many can be for guys as well. I’ve divided these gifts into different price ranges (prices given in US dollars) from the very cheap to the high end. Let’s get to it!




JOURNAL– Despite living fully in the electronic age many of us still have use for plain old paper and pen. I am personally a journal junkie (something I picked up from my mother). There is always something you need to write down, just in case those pesky electronics let you down. Gone are the days when journals were regular notebooks that you wrote “TOP SECRET” on. Many companies make beautiful journals with artwork on the covers and high quality paper inside. Journals are items that can go from literally a couple of dollars and up. However for the budget conscious buyer there are loads of options well under $10. Here are a few options I personally adore from Urban Outfitters, Moleskine and Paperchase. These brands are typically found in the US and UK but in 2015 you can get anything online and most local bookstores carry fantastic options.

(left) Paperchase Bicycle Journal £4($6 US). (top) Urban Outfitters Poppin small notebook in rose gold $8. (bottom) Moleskine journals in red and salmon $6 each.


BATH PRODUCTS– These are oldies but goodies. From the time I was about 13 I was a fan of both giving and receiving bath products. They are great! They are functional, can be very reasonable and are beautiful gifts. You can buy a selection of bath bombs for your friend who loves a good long soak in the tub or travel sized shower gels for the girl who is always on the go. These smaller items are also great stocking stuffers. Where you live will obviously determine the brands you select but some suggestions include Lush and Bath and Body works (BBW). They both have really wide selections and LUSH is known for using fresh ingredients in their handmade cruelty free products.

(top  left) Lush’s Yoga bath bomb- I’ve heard rave reviews about this one.(top right) Lush’s The Experimenter bath bomb which turns your bath water pink, blue and gold . Bath bombs $8.95 each. (bottom left) BBW Be Joyful travel size shower gel and (bottom right) BBW A Thousand Wishes travel size shower gel $5 each.


BAKED GOODS– Cookies, cupcakes, shortbread, mince pies…yumm. The gift of edible items will never get old. They won’t be wasted and after Christmas there is no extra junk to take up room in your home (except for some extra junk in your  trunk depending on how much you eat).

If you are a skilled baker with time and energy to spare you can bake some of your favourite recipes yourself. To cut cost I recommend doing it in bulk so everyone that year gets a box of cookies. This way it comes in at far less that $10 per person.

For those who don’t have the skill or simply haven’t get the time to roll out 12 batches of peppermint sugar cookies you’ll have to purchase them ready done. You can hit up your reliable local or supermarket bakeries or chose to support some small business persons plying their trade from their home kitchen. Either way you’ll end up with some sweet treats to share with your loved ones. Some ideas are sugar cookies, Christmas bark and mini cupcakes.


(from top left) Star sugar cookies with jam centres, decorated sugar cookies, Christmas bark – recipes all found on Martha Stewart’s website and mini chocolate peppermint cupcakes from Tide and Thyme blog.


DIT (Do It Themselves)– This is one of those gifts that the recipient has to assemble and make themselves. For example a mug with a packet of cocoa and marshmallows or all the ingredients for a cupcake in a mason jar. These kinds of gifts add novelty, it’s fun to do stuff yourself once it isn’t too difficult. It can also be a very personal gift: if your friend loves pink marshmallows and dark chocolate cocoa, your gift can be tailored to suit this. Lastly these gifts can be cheap. You can get mugs, small baskets and mason jars for mere dollars or less and the rest of the items such as sugar and cocoa powder are very inexpensive. Again, these are the kinds of gifts probably best made in bulk to lower cost . P.S They make great gifts for coworkers.

(left) Cupcake mix in a jar from Hostess with the Mostess. Tip: the cupcake can actually be baked in the mason jar. (right) Cocoa and marshmallows in a mug from Seeking Shade blog.


DIY– Of course DIY gifts can be very thrifty once planned well. They include anything from previously mentioned baked goods to gifts in jars  but other cute ideas are homemade body scrubs , lotions, lip balms and bathbombs. YouTube and various blogs are choc full of tutorials on how to make these gifts using simple household items. These gifts are again personal and novel.

(left) DIY bath bomb from Martha Stewart and (right)DIY scrub from The Kitchen McAbe.


A PLANT– Know any friends with a green thumb? Or even those with a brown thumb? A small house plant is cute and affordable, many being found in supermarkets and plant shops for under $5. You can buy any small plant , a flowering plant or a kitchen garden herb but my personal recommendation is a succulent. Succulents are small, can fit on desks and coffee tables,they are beautiful and coming in countless shapes and colours and most importantly very hard to kill. Take it from me  a hardened plant killer who now has not one but two flourishing succulents! You can place them in a cute pot and tie a ribbon around it for presentation. These are great gifts to give in bulk as well.

(top) Mini succulents in copper pots. These planters are for sale at Julia Kostreva’s online shop.(bottom left) Numerous colours and types of succulents to chose from. Picture from Anna Sheffield. (bottom right) A succulent garden using an array of mini succulents in a large shallow pot. From Quinn Cooper Style.


$10-$20 US


ADULT COLOURING BOOK– It could NOT be a 2015 gift guide without one of these on it! Somehow over the past year or so these books have become increasingly popular and are so on trend right now. Many people say they are great because it’s calming. I can personally concur, as I have one myself. These books come in far more intricate designs than a typical children’s colouring book making them slightly more challenging and more time consuming (in a good way).

If you chose to give someone a colouring book you can add a set of colouring pencils or pens to go along with it. These books are practically in every book store in the world although some of the nicest ones I’ve seen were actually in airport book stores! So if you’re traveling it might be a great place to pick one up.

Lost Ocean and Enchanted Forest books illustrated by Johanna Basford $10 each on Amazon.(bottom right) Steadler colouring pens.


KITCHEN GADGETS– My sister inspired this. She has a very unnatural obsession with any kind of kitchen gadget. So to clarify, your cutlery, cookware and dinner ware, that’s all regular boring stuff. Your blender, stand mixer, food processor and other small appliances while being gadgets they are all normal and run of the mill….aka boring.

The gadgets I speak of include exciting things like cheese boards, tea infusers, vegetable spiralizers, and much more. I have a personal recommendation: the brand Norpro. They have a very wide array of products which are very reasonably priced and good quality and I’ve seen their stuff selling all over the world.

(top left)Vonchef Stand Spiralizer $15. (top right) Active Kitchen hand held spiralizer $11(or less!) . (middle) Marble pattern cheese board and slicer by Norpro $16. (bottom) pair of manatee tea infusers $15.All available on Amazon.


A NOVEL– For the reader girl in your life, this is a go to gift. With the dawn of kindle many persons opt for ebooks but you’ll find the hardcore reader still loves and appreciates the feel and smell of a physical book. New books get churned out daily and there are loads of genres to chose from. I personally love YA and Fantasy so my suggestions are based on my preference however there are tons of on line guides with great suggestions for all kinds of novels. Most paperbacks fall into this price range and some hardcovers do as well. For suggestions, Good Reads never disappoints and Amazon also has a great list of best sellers.


(top left)Twilight Tenth Anniversary Edition Life and Death by Stephanie Meyer $13.(bottom left) The Wrath and the Dawn by Renee Ahdieh  $11 this one has made quite a number of suggested reads lists.(right) Dangerous Deception by Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl: the second installment in the spin off series of Beautiful Creatures series $15.  All available from Amazon


TECH ACCESSORIES– These are those things everyone needs but never thinks to ask for. Earbuds, phone cases,tablet stands .Your loved ones will definitely appreciate these functional gifts.

(left)Apple Earbuds $18.(right)Newstyle Case and Detatchable bluetooth keyboard for Samsung Galaxy Tablet $19.


$20-$30 US

Woah.. getting fancy now. Lol. Spending more than $20 US per gift is getting out of a poor party girl’s comfort zone but sometimes it isn’t about the literal dollars but rather the bang for your buck. So keep that in mind when selecting gifts for your squad this year.


GIFT CARDS– There was a time where gift cards were ridiculed. They were considered last minute or thoughtless or lazy etc because they seemed so impersonal. That is no longer the general consensus. Gift cards are super useful for the girl who actually does have everything or for friends and family who live too far away to physically give them a gift as they are bought online and delivered electronically. They are also long lasting as many have no expiration date.

(left) iTunes and (right) Amazon gift cards are two popular options.


MAKEUP – Palettes, lip colours, seasonal gift sets. These are all the rage year round and more so during the Yuletide season. I think these are great gifts for makeup tic in your life or even for an ordinary gal who likes to doll up every now and then. The thing about palettes and gift sets is that you get a little bit of everything and it’s a great opportunity to see what you really like. Many of these sets may have only sample sizes of things but that’s fine, if you don’t like it no worries and if you love it then you can go purchase the fullsize.

Some makeup making waves right now include Lorac, Urban Decay and SmashBox all with awesome palettes and gift sets. Others include Too Faced – any of their products with cocoa powder are instant sell outs and Nyx – a brand which has really upped their game recently massively expanding their product range yet keeping it totally budget friendly with very good quality.

(right)Too Faced Melted French Kisses Lip gloss set $25 from toofaced.com. (top left)Lorac PRO Metal Eye Palette $28 from ulta.com. (bottom left)NYX Beauty on the Go Palatte with 36 shadows, 9 blushes and 7 lip colours $30 from nyxcosmetics.com [BARGIN ALERT!]

Note: All of these websites ship internationally.


ARTWORK– So you more than likely won’t be able to afford any original artwork for under $30 US. You won’t even get an original print for that amount. Luckily there are so many more ways you can give a friend something from their favourite artist while sticking to your budget. Many artists now, in addition to their original work and original prints produce items featuring their work that may be functional such as kitchen towels and calendars or 3D pices such as figurines and jewelry and more affordable ways of enjoying their work such as coffee table books and regular prints.

Golden Apple Toad King Throw pillow cover 18″x18″ by incredibly talented and prolific Barbadian artist Cherise Ward $23. Available from society6.com ships internationally. P.S The model in this is my sister :). Strangeling: The Art of Jasmine Beckett-Griffith coffee table book by Jasmine Beckett-Griffith which contains reproductions of some of her most popular pieces with accompanying poetry.$25 from Amazon.



Read or watch any gift guide and this buzzword will get thrown in there somehow….LUXURY gifts.

What does that mean?

When I imagine luxury I think of Italian sports cars, champagne, yachts, people dripping with gold while sipping champagne and driving their Italian sports cars back to their yachts… you get the idea.

However most of us will never live that way and when we speak of luxury we mean much different things. For me, a luxury gift is anything which costs more than I am usually comfortable spending on any one item but I do anyway. When you’re on a budget you can probably only buy two or three luxury items at Christmas. These are the kinds of things you get your sibling or significant other or bestie or if you’ve been a really savvy saver all year you might have enough to get all your loved ones luxury gifts. Here are some.


JO MALONE FRAGRANCE-Just as with the adult colouring book, no gift list for 2015 would be complete without mention of this company. And believe you me my friends with good reason. Jo Malone is synonymous with luxury. The packaging is simple yet rich with a black and white colour scheme and the fragrances are all clean yet decadent. Jo Malone makes perfumes, bath products and perhaps most famously candles. For someone who truly appreciates a good fragrance this is the perfect gift.


(left)Peony and Blush Suede home candle by Jo Malone £42 (approx $64 US).(right) Pomgranate Noir cologne £85( approx $130 US) for 100mls. Unfortunately jomalone.com only ships to the UK however there are multiple retailers who ship internationally such as Macy’s and products can also be bought on Amazon.


A SUBSCRIPTION-Back in my day  the only subscriptions were for magazines and CDs. Nowadays, subscription boxes are taking over fast. Basically you receive a box of surprise goodies and preset intervals usually monthly just as you would your favourite magazine. The options are almost limitless. There is something for everyone’s interest from Japanese cosmetics to healthy snacks to some specifically for your pet! Also, you can still get someone a regular magazine subscription. Lol.

(left)FitSnack Subscription box $13.99 US/month for 1 year from fitsnack.com. (right)KitNip Box approx $25/month- they are  willing to accommodate international shipping.

NOTE: Most of these subscription boxes are US based and only ship there. Some do ship to Canada and the UK. For everyone else there are some that do ship internationally. Alternately you can use a service where you get a US address for shipping purposes and then ship from there to your country of residence . One suggested company is myus.com. I suspect that as subscription boxes become more popular that shipping will become more widespread but until then chose carefully.


AN EXPERIENCE– Another buzzword. An experience is basically anything you have to give a gift certificate for as it isn’t something you can physically give. This ranges from massages to horseback riding lessons to skydiving. This is another great option for someone who has everything or the adventure seeking friend.

Skydiving Gift Certificate.png

Give the gift of adventure…


LUXURY HANDBAG– This is an instant winner with just about everyone but especially your fashionista friends. There are bags to suit every style and every budget. Here are some options…

(top left)The iconic Le Pliage in neo by Longchamp $225US. (top right)Moschino edgy small white quilted leather bag $398 US.(bottom) Chanel calf skin large bag approx $3500 US.

I hope this gift guide was able to inspire ideas and give some useful information. Happy Holidays and have an awesome day!

3 Christmas gifts








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