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Halloween on the Cheap

30 Oct


Happy Halloween!
I love Halloween. I also love Christmas, my birthday and Easter. I like Valentine’s day and I have no feelings towards Thanksgiving. I also appreciate,respect and acknowledge Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Diwali and Eid even though I don’t personally celebrate them.

Now to the meat of the matter: Halloween!
Despite living away from home on and off for the past 4 years I have managed to be at home every year for the past 6 Halloweens. There I have a collection of Halloween props and decorations both handmade and store bought.

Here (where I am now) I have nothing. Zero, zilch! To add insult to injury Halloween season found me at a time when I had no money. NONE! So it isn’t like I could order a bunch of new stuff online or go on a shopping spree.

What is a poor party girl to do?

Well I soon discovered that my new hometown didn’t have much to offer in the way of Halloween shopping, in fact it doesn’t have much to offer in the way of shopping in any way…

Despite that I soon discovered a discount store had some Halloween stuff in stock. The basic stuff: witch hats and brooms, cat ears and tail kits, rubber creepy crawlies you get the drift.

Even though I prefer more inspired merchandise I could work with this. I have loads of “basic” Halloween decorations at home.

I could do a whole witchy theme I thought :
I’d hang two brooms over the doorway, put a plastic cauldron on my dining table and have a ton of rubber worms and mice spilling out of it. Of course I’d buy a bunch of pumkins and arrange them on my counter then put witch hats on a couple of them…..yes I can see it now….
EXCEPT I didn’t have enough money for all that stuff.

Okay so forget the theme idea I would keep it simple: A Happy Halloween banner on the wall, fake cobwebs in each corner a plastic Jack-o-lantern bucket filled to the brim with candy. I could strategically place the rubber rats and centipedes on the floor wait wait….didn’t have enough for that either.  And the store didn’t have any fake cobwebs anyway.

So I went in with a budget of under $10 (that was my theme).For that I got the following:
1) Spiderweb bowl
2) Pack of rubber spiders
3) Pack of small bats
4) Witch’s hat
TOTAL $9(things are kind of expensive around here)

This wasn’t a whole lot to work with but it was enough. My apartment is small anyway.
I placed the bowl on my table and arranged the spiders in and around it.



Made some look like they were crawling away.

I put the witch’s hat on my breakfast bar and placed a spider and bat on it. I also added a purple candle I had from before saying as my colour scheme is purple.


The bats were a problem. I wanted to hang them or maybe stick them onto the wall for a flying effect.but my lease prohibits sticking stuff up and also I had neither string nor tape nor funds with which to buy them. So I grudgingly propped them onto the shelf just above the breakfast bar. Made it into a Halloween corner as such.


I’m a hardcore Halloween-ist so I knew I had to do something even if it isn’t what I would have wanted. I’m already away from home and friends and family so I needed some semblance of normalcy. And you know what I like it. It’s simple. I can look over when I’m on my laptop or in the kitchen making lunch and see it and that’s cool.

This is the overall look


My little Halloween corner.

Well that’s that. I’ll be at work on Halloween night but I hope everyone has a great Halloween.
Stay tuned for my Halloween Scary Story post.
Have an awesome day!

Nevermore Spooktakular

30 Oct

Hey there, this is my second dedication to Halloween (which I LOOOVE!). Here I’m showing some pics of the decor at our (our = my sister + myself) Halloween shindig last year.

Our theme/name was “Nevermore Spooktakular” inspired of course by the poetry of none other than Edgar Allan Poe. We loved the the macabre, darkness and general creepiness associated with this brilliant and celebrated American poet’s works and life. Enjoy the pics!

SETTING THE SCENE…. Rule number 1 to creepiness is cobwebbing everything! And that we did. We used fake cobwebs bought in the supermarket (the same stuff they market as fake snow just a few weeks later around Christmas), of course you can use your own real cobwebs…..


Cobwebbed Candle


Cobwebbed bathroom mirror, we added the “eyes” for that pop of cute scariness


Cobwebbed wall art


We even got the hallway.


And of course, the lights.

WHAT ELSE is creepy? Graves!


The “Next” family plots


The entire “graveyard”

We got some dirt from our garden and piled it up outside the front step. The headstones are painted styrofoam and we used the painted dryer lint technique to create the moss on them.



Bloody candles

We bought some mucky grey inexpensive tapers and dripped wax of an old red candle at the top and let it run down the sides to give the effect of a bleeding candle


Spooky seating

Tie on some black fabric (re-used from a birthday party of mine about 3 years earlier) and your mild mannered daytime cushions become “dark and scary” (or at least lend to that setting)


Spooked out bar

The drinks area(there were actually drinks there the night of the party, lol) with some bleeding candles and  a bottle of “poison” (re-used from my Alice in Wonderland tea-party) to accent it.


A Brain….perhaps the brain of Edgar Allan Poe himself?

A cauliflower in a jar filled with green dyed water creates this effect.


Virginia Clemm?

We had a small skeleton cut out (how creepy is that?) and decided to go with the flow. We thought this could be the skeletal remains of Edgar Allan Poe’s deceased child bride (and cousin) Virginia Clemm.


My homemade papier mache pumpkin made a reappearance this year accompanied by some hardcore cobwebbing of the mirror.


Macabre tablescape

A skull, black pillar candle and framed print of a raven created the mood for our tarot reading session.

Diseased Candle

Believe it or not this candle and it’s holder are my mother’s bought without so much as a sliver of halloween on her mind, this is her everyday style……


Our guests of honor: Edgar Allen Poe and his Raven

A print of EAP and a print of a raven backed with card and cut out.

The rest of the house had various prints of skulls and raven images, black candles and of course endless cobwebs to complete that creepy ambiance conjured by the word Nevermore…..

The countdown to halloween continues and I can’t wait! Our theme this year is “Haunted Carne-Evil” and I’ll be posting about that soon enough.

Have an awesome day!

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