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12 Apr

Astrology is pretty popular right now, one could argue that it has been for some time, however it’s popularity is now spreading into less traditional aspects of life, such as makeup and jewellery. Signature drinks are also popping right now and I happen to be a big fan of them and this is why I decided to concoct zodiac themed cocktails beginning with the first sign of the zodiac: ARIES.

Here are a few things to note about this sign:


Aries runs from March 20th- April 21st

Aries is the first of twelve Sun signs in the Zodiac

Aries, along with Leo and Sagittarius is a fire sign

The symbol of Aries is a ram and it is ruled by Mars

Persons born under Aries are described as energetic, creative and independent. Others might describe Aries as being stubborn, arrogant and lacking discipline…( it’s all about balance I suppose)

Which ever way you look at it , Aries brings to mind fire and passion. These are the traits I used as inspo for this spicy whiskey sour cocktail.

ARIES Cocktail:


1 shot Fireball whiskey

1 shot Cherry liqueur

1 tbsp lemon juice

1tsp granulated sugar

Ginger beer(for more heat) or Ginger ale

Maraschino cherries soaked in brown rum.


Add maraschino cherries to brown rum and soak overnight (longer if preferred)

Mix lemon juice and granulated sugar together, dissolving sugar.

Pour whiskey and liqueur into glass, top up with ginger ale/ ginger beer, add lemon juice/sugar mixture and garnish with rum soaked cherries.

FESTIVE DRINK- Red Cocktail 

14 Dec


Hello and welcome to Day 13 of Blogmas. Today I bring you a festive red cocktail that’s great for a Christmas soiree.


(This makes one 12 oz/400mL drink)

1) 1 cup/250mL of wine – A sweet Blush or Rose works best.

2) 1/2 cup/125mL cranberry juice -or any other redberry juice.

3) 2 tbsp/30mL grenadine syrup

4) Wine glass (12 oz or bigger)

Grendine syrup, wine and cranberry juice

5) Red maraschino cherries 

6) Dried cranberries (for garnishing )

7) Red sugar (for rim)

8) Toothpick (for garnish)

  Red sugar, dried cranberries ,  red maraschino cherries


1) Rim the glass with the coloured sugar– you can use simple syrup(sugar dissolved into small amount of water) or  a bit of water to moisten the glass. Then dip it into your sugar. If you’re like me and don’t have red or pink sugar you can make your own, I did this in my 10 Baking hacks post.

Syrup and sugar

Rim in syrup 

Rim in sugar

2) Add 2 or 3 cherries along with their syrup to the bottom of the glass.

Cherries in glass

3) Add wine and juice to glass.

4) Skewer a few dried cranberries along with a maraschino cherry and place on top.

Completed cocktail
And there it is! A cheerful holiday drink. A sweeter wine pairs well with the cranberry juice which is a bit sharp and the syrup adds more sweetness as well as some substance to the drink. The sugar and garnish make it look festive.
Enjoy! and have an awesome day!

Pink and Gold Wine Coolers/Cocktails

1 Aug

Nothing adds a unique touch to a shindig like a signature cocktail. It doesn’t have to be anything over the top requiring an expert mixologist or high end liquor. It just has to be fun, easy and most of all affordable.

Most recently my favorite thing to make is a wine cooler/cocktail (the definitions confuse me) essentially wine and fruit juice. The possibilities with this type of drink are endless as you can use any type of wine and any type of juice depending on the theme of the event.

In addition you can add fun extras like carbonated water,syrup or bits of fruit.


These are two wine cooler/cocktails I made a few months ago for an impromptu get-together one evening. At the time they had no names so now I’ve decided to simply call them Pink and Gold.

Here’s what I did:


  • Rose’ wineI literally always pick up the cheapest bottle in the supermarket, it tastes great and I’m able to buy enough to serve everyone. I filled the glass half-way with the wine
  • Cranberry and kiwi juiceFill the remainder of the glass with the juice, no need to swirl or stir , just allow it to blend by itself.
  • I have mixed rose wine with grape juice as well and it’s phenomenal!


  • White wine- I believe this was a sauvignon blanc but really choose whatever kind you prefer.
  • Cloudy apple and pear juice-This mild yet sweet flavour really compliments the white wine.
  • As an extra touch I had a can of lychee fruit in syrup which we added for extra taste and texture.

To top off the drinks I added some kitschy “flamingo” straws and served cold.

Hope my little post inspires someone to make an exciting signature drink for their next party

Enjoy and have an awesome day!

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