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Stuffed Bell Peppers

5 Nov

Hello, today’s recipe is an easy delicious dinner idea. Green (or whatever colour you chose) bell peppers stuffed with a mixture of sauteed vegetables and red quinoa.

1) 1 large bell pepper

2) Onion 

3) Tomato

4) Spinach

5) 1/2  cup red quinoa 

Feel free to substitute any vegetables or add some more.


1) Chop/dice vegetables.

2) Cut the bell pepper(s) in half and remove the seeds.

3) Bring 1 cup of water to a boil and add quinoa, cook until fluffy – alternately you can microwave the quinoa to cook it.

4) In a skillet over a medium heat sautee onions then add tomato and spinach. 

5) Once the vegetables have cooked down add quinoa and spices of your choice and continue to sautee– I added cayenne pepper, black pepper and tumeric.

6) Once cooked, fill peppers with stuffing 

7) Place stuffed peppers on an oven safe sheet and bake on low heat until edges of the pepper are slightly browned.

And you’re done! You can level this up by topping the stuffed peppers with anything of your choosing.  I stopped one with sauteed haloumi and the other with sliced sauteed chicken breast.

You can choose to eat this by slicing through the entire thing getting a bit of topping,  stuffing and shell in each bite or deconstruct it eating each component separately. Any way you eat it, it’s delicious! The bell pepper is fresh and crunchy while the stuffing is succulent and wholesome. 

Try this one out and have an awesome day!

Garbanzo bean Stew

8 Jan

Today I bring you a dinner recipe of Garbanzo bean Stew served with roasted sweet potato.

Garbanzo bean Stew and sweet potato 

Garbanzo beans also called Chickpeas or channa are a great source of protein and starch. They are pretty versitile and can be used in cold salads, ground to make hummus or cooked into a delicious vegetable stew like this. 

Makes 2 servings 


1) 1 can of Garbanzo beans

2) 1 large tomato (diced)

3) 1/2 a medium onion(diced)

4) 2 cloves of garlic(sliced)

5) Approximately 2 cups of fresh spinach 

6) 1tbsp of paprika 

7) 1tbsp of yellow curry powder 

8) 1/2 tsp of all purpose seasoning 

9) 1 tbsp of Sriracha pepper sauce (or other spicy sauce)

10) 2tbsp of tomato sauce

11) 1 medium-large sweet potato

Unlike baking, where precision is key, cooking is very subjective.  Feel free to add more or less of something as you see fit. 


Spices and sauces


Sweet Potato 

1) In a saucepan bring water to a rolling boil then add both halves of sweet potato.

2) Once cooked through,  drain water and allow to cool.

Boiled sweet potato 

3) Take a fork and plough the centre of the potatoes and sprinkle with seasoning. 

Add seasoning

4) Bake around 350 F for 10-15 minutes.

Baked potatoes


1) Add 1tbsp of butter to a medium heat frying pan and allow to melt.

2) Add garlic and onion and Sautee

Butter, garlic and onions

3) Add spices and continue to Sautee


4) Add garbanzo beans and allow them to Sautee for a few minutes. Be sure to continually stir and coat the beans with spices,  not allowing them to burn.

Beans added

5) Add tomatoes and mix

Tomatoes added

6) Add spinach and let it sweat down then mix

Spinach added

Spinach cooked down

7) Add tomato sauce and Sriracha and mix.


8) Turn heat down to low and let it simmer until preferred consistency. 


Plate stew and sweet potato and serve.

Finished meal

This meal came together by happenstance one evening and I’m so glad it did. The stew is hearty without being heavy and the potato is starchy and filling (in a healthy way) What I love about it is that this dinner is so effortless yet is so complex in flavour. This is a great dinner to have at the end of a long day either alone or with family and friends.

Have an awesome day 

Potato Soup

5 Oct

English potatoes and french bread


As the end of the year draws closer I am always more inclined to eat/make heartier foods; roasted meals, denser salads and thick flavourful soups.I suppose it’s because that’s what  all those home and lifestyle magazines splash on their covers-it’s all subliminal. ..

Anyway,  today I am sharing a recipe that was born out of desperation for something to eat back when I was a student. I remember mixing it up pretty much out of the blue and my flatmates and I completely demolished it. This is only the second time I have done it since then and I can barely remember what I put in it, so we’ll see where this goes. I have also paired it with some garlic bread.



1) Potatoes (I used Irish/English)- 450grams/1.1lb

2) Milk (I use Almond milk )- 3 cups

3) Cream cheese-  150g/4.5oz

4) Seasonings -black pepper, rosemary, basil, red pepper  and oregano flakes. 

5) Blender/nutribullet 

6) 2.8L/3 quart saucepan 


Prep -step: Remove cream cheese from fridge and allow to soften.

1) Bring water in saucepan to a boil then add potatoes (skin on)
2) Remove from pan allow to cool off (I pour off the hot water and add fresh cool water to expedite this) then peel.

Boiled and peeled potatoes

3) Mash potato along with cream cheese and seasonings- I added my seasoning to taste.

Softened cream cheese

4) Add the almond milk (or whatever milk you prefer) and blend until preferred consistency – I like mine smooth.
Plate and serve!

This can make about  4-6 servings (250mls or 8.5 oz each) but would also be excellent as appetizer shots.

To go along with this delectable soup I made an old faithful : garlic bread. Growing up we always had garlic bread with any kind of Italian style dinner (mostly lasagne and spaghetti ) and it is one of the first things I learned how to make. It is the combination of some firm (1-2 day old) French bread and garlic butter. My mother once told me people made it because their bread was going stale but they didn’t want to waste it. I don’t know if that’s true or not as she can sometimes tell tall tales…Hello mummy;) but it can be a good way to salvage bread that’s about to go.



1) French bread(a.k.a baguette)- I used about 1/3 of a loaf  which was about 12 inches of bread.

2) Butter- approximately 3 tbsp

3) Garlic clove

4) Seasonings/spices- black pepper,  garlic powder,  oregano.


1) Slice bread at a diagonal going about 7/8 way through so that the bread is held together just along the bottom.

Sliced bread

2)Dice garlic clove then  mix together with butter and seasonings.

Butter and seasonings 

Butter mixture 

3) Using a bread knife, place butter mixture between each slice and then over the top of the bread- you likely won’t need all the butter mixture so save it for later. 

Bread with garlic butter mixture

4) Place in foil with top exposed and bake until golden.

In foil 


Once done separate and enjoy! 

Finished garlic bread
This potato soup is creamy and tasty. The cream cheese makes it smooth and more full bodied while the natural potato flavour keeps it earthy. The golden garlic bread has a crispy outer ring with a moist garlicky centre. They go well together but stand alone as well.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this recipe and try it out for yourself. Have an awesome day!

Potato Soup and Garlic bread

Supermarket Steal- porcini mushrooms

24 Oct


That’s the price of this cannister of porcini mushrooms. $14.39!

Hello all, today’s post is about a great deal I got at the supermarket on an item I probably wouldn’t usually buy because of the price.

So I was in the supermarket a few weeks ago when I walked by a small lone shelf with an array of seemingly out of place items. It was at the end of the drink aisle but there were cans of soup and boxes of ziplock bags and dryer sheets and they all had little yellow and white stickers on them with hand written prices.

I was instantly drawn in! That warm fuzzy feeling I get as I approach a well stocked SALE section in the back of a favorite clothing store set in. I slowly crept over with quiet but palpable anticipation…. I confirmed what I had suspected. These items were on sale!

Let me digress for a moment. I recently moved ,so this supermarket is new to me and I am now getting to learn it. At home, (my real, original home )the supermarket chain my family shops at has a similar practice. The items are called Red Dot Specials. There is usually a couple shelves just by the entrance where they have most of the items displayed and a few scattered throughout the rest of the store. (usually refrigerated items)

These prices on these items are slashed! Almost everything is at least half price and often even more reduced than that.

But why?
Why would a place of business sell these random items for next to nothing? Well in the food business much of your merchandise is perishable. Even “non perishable” items have a recommended shelf life. As an item nears the end of its shelf life/sell by date the store has 2 options:
1) Let their products expire and discard them.
2) Sell them off as quickly as possible to salvage some money.

The easiest way to move products is by cutting the price and drawing your attention to that fact. This is what the red dots do. All these items have a huge red (deep orange) sticker on them with a reduced price scribbled on.

My dear frugal friends, this is how you obtain those fancy gourmet items you dream of having your kitchen filled with.

My sister and mother have made this into a sport, a science even. They know the day the red dots get put on and make an effort to go to the supermarket on said day. A significant portion of our shopping happens on the “red dot” shelf.

When I open the fridge and spot some fantastic cooking sauce we heard about on Food Network but never bought (cause it was too expensive!) I just know,I don’t have to see the red dot on the label. When we have gourmet cookies or crackers to snack on I don’t need to ask how this came to be… I already know. When there is suddenly a surplus of something we usually buy sparingly like almond milk I am not baffled….the answer lies on the little sticker that says red dot.

This is not a foreign concept. Lots of, if not most supermarkets do something similar although I’m sure they have their own names for it.

In this trip to the supermarket I bought the above mentioned item: porcini mushrooms.

I have heard of them before, being an avid foodie I’ve seen many a recipe call for them. I’ve watched a chef prepare some with pasta (a dish I intend to try). I’ve always wanted to try out these porcini mushrooms. But they are pricey and half the time not even in the supermarket. But that day I was in luck!


$1.99! Approximately 1/7 of the original price!

This was my chance! I picked up the container, seriously considering buying two at once then deciding against it in case I didn’t actually like them.

I have tried them in only one recipe thus far, a makeshift meal of turkey sausage, tomatoes and porcini mushrooms.

To use them, the container recommends pouring boiling water on them and letting them sit to allow the flavor to seep out. They also soften.
They are useful in lots of sauces.

The aroma is enticing. It smells like some gourmet Italian kitchen making something really good. The taste is very umami. Salty,earthy ,slightly bitter and very complex.

I enjoyed my porcini mushrooms and I plan to try the pasta recipe soon.

This was possible all because these tasty morsels of fungus were on sale.

Interested in these supermarket steals?
I have a few pointers below to guide your purchases .

1) Ensure the item is really on sale: Too often we see signs saying “special” or see 3 of  the same item taped together and assume this means they are at a reduces price. Not always the case. Make sure you are really getting the bargin you’re looking for.

2) Check the expiration date. This is all relative as many items are still good for some time after their expiration or sell by date but use your judgement. Any milk containing product whose date has already passed , I pass on that. Same for things containing fruit as fruits can harbor lots of microorganisms when no longer good.

3) Inspect. Sometimes items which are damaged e.g dented cans or partly open packages are placed on sale. If you have no issue using a box of dryer sheets that might be missing a few or a bag of chips that have popped open and been exposed to the elements then that’s your call. Just make sure you know this before hand and get no unpleasant surprises.

So there you have it!

Happy (bargin) shopping and have an awesome day!

Po’ cakes

8 Jan


What does a po’ party girl do with 2 small tomatoes, a can of kernel corn, an inch of cheese, some flour, some butter and the sheer will to live.

She makes Po’ cakes!

Due to some recent financial constraints not to mention a bit of laziness (I refuse to go to the supermarket) this was almost literally ALL there was to be found in my kitchen.

So I had to either concoct something or starve alone in my apartment. I chose the former.

So from my desperation came some delightful not to mention quick snacks that I think might serve as appetizers for a soirée sometime in the future.

1) 2 small tomatoes
2) 1 small can of kernel corn (I only used half of it)
3) 1″×1″ block of cheddar cheese
4) 2 cups all purpose flour
5) 3 tablespoons of butter

1) Poured the flour into a bowl.
2) Add the butter (cold) and cut it into the flour.
3) Add water (no idea how much, enough to give the consistency of a very thick batter)
4) Add the corn tomato and cheese (grated) or whatever else is lying around your kitchen.
6) Heat some oil in a skillet (just enough to cover the bottom of the cakes)
7) Spoon tablespoon sized spheres (flatten them a bit)
8) Cook on both sides until golden (I left the insdes of mine a bit gooey…..awesome)

Plate and serve with some ketchup and enjoy.

This little recipe saved my hide. Maybe it may save someone else’s.  Lol.

Have an awesome day!

My Salmon Alfredo Pasta

31 Aug

So I posted a few days ago about a recipe my sister did: “Kristine’s White Wine Infused Salmon Alfredo Linguine” as a great idea for dinner. I promised I would try it as as luck would have it I had one piece of bargain salmon in the freezer.

I used wide egg noodles instead of linguine (cause that’s what I had) and it worked fine. I also omitted the white wine as I had none, in addition I made my own “Alfredo” sauce as I had no store bought stuff.

Here’s my finished product, and let me tell you it was so ridiculously delicious!


Salmon and Chinese cabbage in homemade Alfredo Sauce on a bed of egg noodles with Parmesan cheese on top.


1) 1 cup milk (I used Almond milk as I’m lactose intolerant)

2) 1 oz cream cheese (let it sit out of the fridge and soften first)

3) Approx 1/2 cup pre-grated Parmesan cheese

4) 2 tbsp of butter

Add everything to the pan containing the salmon and cabbage and allow it to simmer.


Kristine’s White wine Infused Salmon Alfredo Linguine

28 Aug


Yum! This dish was thrown together by none other than my sister: Kristine. It’s a pasta dish with salmon and it’s perfect for a small dinner party on a budget. How? If there’s salmon involved?  Well that’s because while a decent piece of salmon can be on the pricey side there,the majority of the dish is pasta and that’s cheap.

Kristine has graciously allowed me to share her recipe


Frozen salmon- 2 portions

Linguine Pasta- 1 pckg

Alfredo sauce- 14 oz-Can buy or make your own

1 tbsp. Tomato sauce (for colouring)

Chinese cabbage (pak choi)- 3 leaves chopped

Thyme- a pinch

White wine- 4 oz

Garlic- 5 cloves

Onion- 1 ½ medium sliced and diced

Salt- 1 tbsp

Olive oil

Garlic powder

Black pepper

No salt seasoning

Parmesan cheese (pre-grated)


1) Cut salmon into chunks and marinate using 1 garlic clove, a few pieces of onion, a dash of white wine, black pepper, salt-free seasoning, and garlic powder.

2) Mix well with tongs to make sure salmon is well covered. Let sit for at least 10-15 minutes ( longer if you wish). I forgot to put lemon juice on salmon so you can add that on. It didn’t really matter…still tasted awesome.- Camille’s note: Put on the lemon juice!

3) Boil water for pasta, adding salt, 2 garlic cloves, and onion slices. Add pasta, oil and thyme when water boils and let cook- uncovered. Strain and await salmon.

4) Salmon- In a pan put some olive oil and onion and garlic pieces and let brown. Then add marinated salmon and let cook. Should take about 10 minutes if so long. Pour in the half cup (4 oz) white wine and Alfredo sauce then enough tomato sauce to colour the Alfredo sauce pink. Add pak choy and let simmer on very low heat and covered for about 15 minutes and that’s that. Salmon Alfredo Linguine complete.

5)Plate with some Parmesan cheese on top and enjoy. Buen Apetito.

This looks great, thanks Kris.I can see it being eaten by candle light with a nice glass of white wine(a cheap one from the supermarket) and good friends to enjoy it with. I’m going to try this tomorrow!

Have an awesome day!

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