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Cheap and Chic:

14 Jun

Hello and welcome to the fancy life (just kidding). This post is about finding an affordable way to elevate your look using just one item: a silk scarf.


This is the item , a silk scarf. I purchased this one from Nordstrom. It is by their in house brand Halogen and cost $35 US.

So here are some ways to wear it:


Wearing a skinny silk scarf tied around your neck won’t keep you warm, but it sure will make you look fancy AF. It makes for a nice accessory and I especially like it paired with a button up shirt.


I really like this one. I love the idea of wearing things around your wrist that’s a little different from a dainty bracelet. I like leather and metal cuffs but a scarf is perfect. It’s a little bit girly and a little bit bad girl. I tie mine up like a bow.


This is a simple way to wear to wear a scarf. Adding it to your hairmakes you look as if you tried when you really didn’t.


This is another one I totally love. Wrapping a bag handle (seen here) or tied like a bow (seen above) really makes a basic bag become boogie.

If you can get your hands on a skinny silk scarf, definitely try wearing it all these ways. Thanks for reading!

Cheap Trend: Tassels and Pom Poms

8 May

Tassels hand pom Poms have long adorned clothing and accessories.  From the ends of strings on a peasant blouse to decorating the perimeter of bohemian style cushions. For the past three springs and summers  tassels and pom poms have been out  in full force, dotting otherwise mundane items with dots and splashes of colour and texture. I actually thought this trend was winding down but look and behold it continues to be ever present from runway to the racks of fast fashion stores.

Tassels bangles by Aqua Lilith  $41 US, Pom Poms and Tassels hat by Eric Javitz $250 US, Pom Pom sandals by Elina Linardaki $225 US.

This trend is easy to wear. You can make any look fun and bright with tassels and pom poms, going from zero to vacation mode in seconds. You can shell out some serious coin for a designer item or pick up something more affordable from off price retailers or fast fashion boutiques. OR, you could DIY!

That’s exactly what I did. I decorated a pair of espadrilles, a cross body bag and made a necklace.



Length of leather, rope or chain.

Embroidery thread or floss.

Jump rings


1. Take a length of the thread and wrap it around three fingers multiple times. The more you wrap, the thicker the tassel will be. Alternately, you can use a square of card board, the with determining the length of the tassel.

2. Cut a short piece of the embroidery thread and tie it approximately 1/4 way down the tassel. Make a few wraps then tie off.

3.Thread a piece of the embroidery thread through the top loop and tie off. Add a jump rings and knot.

4.Cut off all the loose ends, then trim the bottom loop to create the fringe.

5.I repeated this twice using different colours and creating varying length fringes. I also combed through the thread with a fine toothed comb to make it fluffy.

6. Slide onto faux leather and tie ends together .



Shoes- I used a pair of espadrilles with laces. You can use gladiator sandals or any other shoes with laces.

Pom Poms-These can also be easily DIY’d using yarn but they are very cheap and accessible from craft and stationary stores.

Eye pins- These are the small metal pins with loops at the top. They can either be bought from jewelry supply stores or you can make one yourself with jewelry wire and a round nosed pliers.


1.Push the eye pin through the Centre of the pom poms.

2. Cut the excess length off the eye pin and using pliers make a loop at the other end. Note, it must be large enough to slide over the laces.

3. Slide the completed pom poms onto the laces at varying points.

An alternate way is using jewelry bales and gluing the pom poms on then sliding those on to the laces.

Bag Charm


Bag- any style you wish, I chose a black square crossbows.

Tassels- you can make them the same way demonstrated above or use inexpensive  ready made ones from a craft stores,  like I am. 

Pom Poms

Thread- I used embroidery thread since it was at hand. You can use rope or ribbon if you like.


1. Make a loop and knot it.

2. Add an eye pin to the pom poms.

3. Slide onto thread and knot after each addition.

4. Add a jump ring to the top loop then add a keyring to the jump ring.



I made this little cutie as a bonus. I’ve been seeing pom poms bag charms with eyes all over. This is great for a kid’s bag or for an adult with quirky taste.

I used a larger pom poms, added an eye pin and a jump ring at the top, then a keyring to that and glued on the googly eyes.

Whether you chose to DIY or buy, you’re sure to feel festive and trendy wearing tassels and pom poms.

Travel Tips- Visiting a Museum

21 Sep

Outside museum in Costa Rica


I love museums. I think they are an excellent way to learn alot about a particular country or region or art style in a short space of time. I can’t think of any major trip I’ve taken where I didn’t visit at least one local museum. A museum is a great way to spend a morning or while away an afternoon. It’s chill, entertaining and pretty cheap compared with other tourist activities.
Here are some tips I have if you’re thinking of visiting a museum on your next trip.
1) Decide to go

Museums are one of the most budget friendly vacation activities for the following reasons: 

Many museums charge no fee or a very nominal fee asking only for a donation,  so if you only have $5 to spare that’s usually okay.

A lot of museums offer discounted fees to various persons e.g. students, teachers, senior citizens. 

Many museums offer discounted fees after a particular time e.g The Museum of Art and Design in Manhatten offers “pay what you wish” after 6pm on Thursdays.

2) Research


Museums come in all shapes and sizes. There are massive national museums, art museums, fashion museums, military museums etc. Spend a little QT with google and tailor your selection to your interests so you don’t waste time, money and energy.

Temporary Exhibits 

Many museums have exhibits that last for only a few weeks or months. They’re often interactive and very in depth. It might be worthwhile chosing a museum with a temporary exhibit you might be interested in. A few years ago I visited a temporary exhibit at Museum of Natural History in NY  (my absolute favorite in the world). It was based on using more natural foods and it was outstanding. I got to sample a lot of different foods especially honeys, there was one with elderflower and to this day I’ve never had another opportunity to taste elderflower honey, so I’m glad I went then.

Other Activities 

Most museums have a calender of events for the upcoming month and even year which include exhibits as well as other events like musical performances, films or even workshops often for small additional fees.

Display from Temporary exhibit in Gold Museum in Costa Rica

Statue in museum

3) Pack Light

This is standard travel advice.You’ll likely be on your feet for quite a few hours .Some museums will make you put your bags away allowing only phones and purses. However, if they don’t , you won’t want need to lug around all your belongings at once. So pack minimal items keeping the load down.
4)  Eat before you go

Or after you leave. The truth is that most museum restaurants or caf├ęs are exceptionally overpriced. Now if you specifically want to eat at the museum by all means go ahead but there is a pretty good chance you’ll be paying double the amount for the same wrap or salad you could get from a cafe around the corner.
5) Caution in the Gift shop

This is a sure way to have your money sucked .Gift shops are bright and shiny and make you feel encouraged to buy. Either set a spending limit e.g no more than $30 or decide precisely what you want e.g a commemorative book and stick to it.

I hope these little tips encourage you to visit a museum on your next trip. They really are enjoyable places and you can feel your mind expanding. Happy Travels and have an awesome day!  


30 Jun


Say what! $595 US. That is the price of this shoe. On sale! Yes it is a designer brand and compared to the original price its a deal, but come on! Omg!

As my New York adventure continues I of course find myself shopping. As one would expect in a city as diverse and glamorous as this there are both dirt cheap bargins and then this!

Despite this particular high priced item, the popular department store I was in on this particular day (rhymes with Lacy’s) had a massive sale on originally much higher priced designer shoes. This is how a thrifty poor party girl gains some serious brand items, look for the 2nd most exciting 4 letter word (food being no.1) : SALE!

When I go on a shopping trip I would say at least 75% of my purchases are on discounted items in some form or fashion.
I am often asked how I find so much for so little. I think it’s a skill (which many people do have)
I will share a few tips that come to mind when shopping for sale/bargin items. Note many of these tips are aimed at avoiding being duped.

1) Treasure Hunt (Head to the back)
Most stores keep their sale and bargin items at the back of the store. Hidden away like secret pirate bounty.Let the new exciting fun stuff at the front lure you in but make a beeline for the stuff farthest from the door. This is often where the clearance and 2 for 1 etc items are stashed away.

2) Sift
I have found that some stores will hang a similar looking group of items together e.g pink flowy tops priced at $14.95 each. One might safely assume these tops are all the same and so is the price.
Wrong, very often there are one or two slightly different looking tops for a totally different price e.g $7.95. It’s almost like if you are willing to work hard enough to sift through everything then you deserve to find the bargin.

3) Sift
That’s right, sifting again.This is to prevent the opposite of no.2 from occurring.Many stores will have a rack of similar looking items and items no. 1,2 and 3 cost $5 but no.4 does not and this is the one you pick up of course.
More than once I have made my way happily to the cashier to purchase my $5 item only to hear : ” That will be $17.95 mam.” Excuse me! Don’t let it happen to you.

4) Cheap Tricks (Read the entire sign)
This brings me to tip no.4 a similar but different thing to avoid. It’s a cheap mean old trick but it continues to be practiced.
Very often a sign will advertise an un believeable bargin with the truth hidden in fine print at the very bottom.
Beware of :” $3 (and up) or “$9.99 (on select items) and one of my favourites “1/2 off (on 3rd item when purchasing 2 or more).
Despite this trickery, sometimes the deals are still good, you just need to be aware of the exact price of all your items before heading to cash. If you are purchasing multiple items (as we often do) you might not even realise when you have paid more than you intended for something.

5) Witchcraft and wizardary (Tables and Bins)
If no.4 was trickery this is pure soccery. As humans we have the learned belief that items placed on a table or thrown into a bin are on sale.
This can be blamed on the fact that for a long time this was true. When a store really wanted to get rid of stuff they would toss it all in a cardboard box and mark “$1 any item. ”
Unfortunately times have changed and the world is not so innocent anymore. Just as we can no longer assume that items on the front shelves of a supermarket aisle are on special we must be wary of anything on a table or in a bin. Very often, very, very often they aren’t on sale at all.
In the event that something is on sale, remember tips no.3 and 4.

6) Couponer for life.
Don’t be ashamed. Couponing isn’t only for the supermarket anymore. Endless stores have coupons that you can pick up online and either print or save the code to your mobile device. Always ensure that the outlet you shop at takes coupons and the one you have is both valid and applicable to your purchase. I have saved tons this way.

7) Avoid the impulse
I had a hard time conditioning myself with this one. That feeling of excitement and smugness when you realise you could own a fashionable designer item for 1/4 of the price. Before you whip out the credit card ask yourself :” Do I need or even want this? ”
The point of being a bargin/thrifty shopper is to save. Whether in order to buy more stuff, or to buy that one truly pricey item, because you are broke and in debt, or to keep your savings to a maximum. What ever your reason remember that.
Spending unesccesary money (on something you neither need or want) no matter how small the amount adds up.

So with all that in mind, go forth and SALE away!
Have an awesome day!

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