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31 Oct

Happy Halloween again! This is the as promised scary story post.

Of course I usually post about entertaining and decor and even shopping but this is an exception to the rule. Of course I can tie it into my MO. Ghost stories are entertaining, everyone loves a ghost story whether or not they believe in that stuff. They are also a free form of entertainment… so looking to spice up your Halloween night? Invite a few friends, bring some snacks and sit around telling ghost stories.

I have a small compilation here today. I can’t scientifically prove that any of these hauntings were real but the experiences certainly are. So here we go…


WHERE? The Victoria Hospital, Castries St.Lucia WHEN? 1970’s Told to me by a nurse who worked there at the time.

One night while doing night duty 2 nurses headed to the sleeping quarters at the back of the hospital for their break. When nurse K arrived she saw that nurse M was already in the room resting in the rocking chair. K proceeded to get the blankets down all the while talking to M. Surprised that M was not responding she turned to the rocking chair and found that it wasn’t M at all but rather a black wispy substance in the loose form of a human which then proceeded to swirl and move underneath the nearby bed! K was frightened and as she turned to bolt through the door she saw the back of Nurse M running up the stairs. M had arrived in time to see the entire thing and corroberate K’s story.


WHERE? Oxford Plantation, St.Lucy , Barbados WHEN? 1960’S Told to me on different occasions by my mother and aunt

Oscar was the well known resident ghost with a penchant for smacking persons on their behinds partiularly in their sleep often leaving visible hand prints. This reportedly happened to numerous family members, friends, cousins who frequented the home. My mother is unsure who Oscar was in his lifetime, she assumes he used to live there previously. There was a window on the second floor with the name Oscar etched in a pane. This window was replaced. A few weeks later, the name Oscar was once again etched into the window pane….


WHERE? The Morn, St. Lucia WHEN? Early 2000’s Told to me by a friend whose friend’s father was on of the witnesses

A group of about 6 adults (men and women) were driving home from a party late one night. As they drove they saw a woman standing on the side of the road up ahead. They all noticed she appeared very tall, about 7 feet! She was wearing a long old fashoined dress. Both she and the dress were sheet white and she didn’t appear to be solid. As the group slowly drove by they looked into her eyes and saw nothing but black hollow sockets! They¬† swiftly headed home and the men returned about 45 minutes afterwards but by then she was gone…………


This year our gardener of many years suddenly passed away this year. He came to us as a gardener but was so much more. He painted our rooms, fed pur animals when we were away, he was a friend. Aprroximately a month or so after he died, my mother was in the backyard feeding our dogs when she came across his name etched in the cement. It had never been there before…..

So that’s it, have an amazing day!

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