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(No- bake) Ice cream cake 

4 Sep

Chocolate, vanilla and strawberry ice cream 


Today I bring a spin on the ice cream cake that involves well…no cake. This is a great treat to make as a regular cake alternative for your ice-cream loving friends.

Instead of cake , this recipe uses a cookie crumb crust similar to a cheesecake. I have also included a decor DIY I think is fitting for any ice cream party.

I made two small cakes and some mini ones. The process is identical the difference is the container used. You can also make a larger cake or use a loaf pan.

1) Ice cream– I bought a box of neopolitan ice cream that way I got 3 flavours out of one  purchase but use whatever you have/want.

2) Cookies/Buscuits– I used custard creams as the vanilla and strawberry base and oreos for the chocolate base.

Custard creams and oreo cookies

3) Cake tin(s) I used two 4 inch diameter spring form tins and a mini muffin tin for the smaller ones.

Cake tins

PROTIP : The key here is the spring form tin. I have attempted ice cream cakes in the past that didn’t work out because I simply couldn’t get them put the tin. Remember you are freezing the ice cream, it will not easily slip out of a regular tin. For the smaller ones it was easier to remove because liners were used. I haven’t tried it but I suspect this could work with a silicone container. 

4) Blender/Food Processor – To crumble the cookies. You can alternately do it manually. 

1) Remove filling from your biscuits  (if they have )

Golden custard and oreo cookies sans cream
2) Blend cookies  -In food processor / blender/nutribullet  to create crumbs. If you don’t have one of these devices then place the cookies in a plastic bag, get a heavy utensil  (mallet, bowl, leg of ham…) and pound the daylights out of it, use that elbow grease. This is a more labour intensive method but it works just fine. 

Cookie crumbles 
3) In a heated skillet melt a small amount of butter at a time alternatjng with adding cookie crumbs.  You want to create a concoction the texture of moist sand.

Creating crumb and butter mixtures
4) Press cookie-butter mixture into lined pans or cupcake liners and place in the freezer for about 15 minutes to firm up.

Compress mixture
5) Once the crust is firm add softened ice cream on top and smooth over. Atthis point you can make any additions you want like broken up cookie bits, fruit, jelly candies. ..you get the idea.

Process of adding ice-cream to base.
6) Freeze for at least 6 hours but overnight if you can. I want to recommend covering your cakes with plastic wrap as this may help reduce the frostbite mine ultimately suffered. 

7) Decorate -I broke up some cookies and placed them onto the top of the cakes but you can add sprinkles, frosting whatever you want! 

I made a banner using dyed doilies as I thought this would go along with the ice cream vibe. I made a similar one a few years back for my mother’s birthday party. Doiles are very inexpensive and can be used in all kinds of crafty activities and I think they suit events such as ice cream and tea parties. 

1) White doilies (I used 6 out of a package of 40)

2) Food dye– you can also use natural dyes such as berries or tea.

3) String

4) Glue

5) Bowls– to soak the doilies in. The number you use corresponds with the number of colurs you use, unless you’re like me and you only have one bowl, then this process takes MUCH longer!

Materials needed

1) Place water into bowl and add dye. The more dye and less water you add (i.e the more concentrated the solution) the more brightly coloured your doily will turn out.

Water and dyes placed
2) Place doilies in and let soak. -I left mine for about one hour, long enough to soak up as much colour as possible but not so long as to become over saturated and disintegrate. 

Doilie soaking
3) CAREFULLY  remove from water, separate and lay flat to dry. Until they dry they remain quite delicate. 

Dyed and dried doilies
4) Fold dried doilies over string and glue. I folded mine 1/3 over because I liked it better that way, but you can fold it in half or even cut them to make more.

Folded and glued doilies  (back view)
Hang and enjoy! 

Dolie banner
Combine your decor and finished ice cream cakes for a whimsical ice cream party. This is great for birthdays,  a cute dessert option for any gathering. 

Have an awesome day! 

Chocolate banana ice cream

1 Sep


Wrote this post on Food Amino app. It’s a recipe for chocolate banana ice cream using only a blender and 3 ingredients! It’s tasty, lowfat, low sugar and most of all very cost effective!

Just click the link!

Check out this post on Food: http://aminoapps.com/p/hdjkz

Last Splash(Watermelon Slush)

5 Oct


“Ah been drankin’ wata mellun”
So summer is officially over

For those in temperate climates (Northern hemisphere) summer is over. For those in temperate Southern climates its now coming and for those in the tropics well there are generally 2 seasons: rainy and dry but we do experience milder versions of weather patterns depending on which side of the equator we lie.

But I digress….

I’m really here to talk about the quintessential summer friut of 2014…..the watermelon!

I don’t know if to attribute it to the (?in)famous line in Beyoncé’s monster hit “Drunk in Love” or this just happened to be the year everyone jumped on the watermelon bandwagon but this fruit was large and in charge in 2014.

It made its way into everything from fresh fruit salads to salsas for grilled meats to alcoholic beverages.
It could be found in fashion too, I’ve seen watermelon bags (shaped like a semicircular slice of the fruit), tees with watermelon prints and of course featured in Mz Katy Perry’s “How we do” music vid (LOOOVE that song)


Watermelon print tee

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m well aware that the watermelon has been a popular fruit and had an impact on fashion for a loooong time. However as far as popular culture goes every year a few food items get seriously hyped up and enjoys (or endures) its 15 minutes of fame.
Examples include:
1)Pomegranate circa 2009/2010 (and it’s still going,pomegranate flavoured stuff is always more expensive)

2) Kale circa 2012/2013

My prediction for 2014/2015 is coconut and more importantly coconut water! Mark my words you heard it first right here.

Again, I digress….

imageThe Watermelon

According to Wikipedia(everyone’s ultimate reference source whether or not we admit it) watermelon is the name given to both the plant and it’s fruit(which is what we are actually talking about here). It is believed to have originated in Southern Africa. They contain little sugar, lots of water and lycopene which is associated with cardiovascular health… blah blah blah take home message: it’s good for you!

As a young child I was given watermelon as well as many other fruits to eat (my mother tried, I have only myself to blame for any bad eating habits I now foster). I hated it.

As a teeneager, while trying to develop healthy eating habits I tried watermelon. I hated it.

As an adult, on numerous occasions, while trying to be healthy and frugal I tried watermelon. I.HATED. IT

I’m not sure I left any clues to suggest this but don’t like watermelon. At all.
It’s watery as the name implies and tastes like Styrofoam (what I imagine it must taste like). It has too many seeds and even though its so watery, when the juice dries it gets über sticky. Bleh!

However, not wanting to be left out of this watermelon craze I decided to give this fruit another chance.

The thing about watermelon that really does appeal to me is bang for your buck. Watermelon is cheap. I can get an entire cannonball sized one for what 3 apples or 1 nectarine costs. And I will get a lot more servings of a fruit that is pretty much as healthy as they come.

So I gave the wretched fruit another try. I was inspired by the thousands of pins and posts and magazine articles glorifying this fruit. What I did realize is that hardly anyone was eating it plain. They were adding it to stuff, adding stuff to it etc (you get the idea)
That was the key. Sure I couldn’t tolerate the thought of putting a chunk of the pink fleshy fruit to my lips by itself but what if…. what if I jazzed it up a little… and that I did.

So here is the actual post(lol)


1) A watermelon(whole or sliced)- the amount you use depends on how much of this you make.

2) Strawberries(frozen)either use actual frozen strawberries (I did, they’re cheaper) or get fresh ones and pop them in the freezer.

3)Lemon/Lime juicefrom a bottle or fresh


1) Cut the watermelon into small cubes (the exact size is entirely up to you)

2) Slice the frozen strawberries up

3) Place both fruits in a bowl or jar or glass and pour a dash or 2 of lemon juice over it (again this depends on how much you make and how acid you like things)

4) Stir the ingredients together allowing the watermelon to get partially crushed. It’s okay if the strawberries get a bit crushed too.

5) Serve with a spoon

PEARLS (a-hem ..seeds)
i)You can add strawberry flavored beverage mix e.g tang,Kool aid to amp up the strawberry factor.

ii) Add Sprite/7-Up or plain soda water(only a couple dashes) to give some fizz.

iii) Blend with said sprite etc to make it into a drink.

This is a great little snack on a hot day or alternative to ice cream for dessert. It’s affordable, simple, versatile and easy. Oh and I actually liked it! Cheers to that!


Other food Trends(these are my personal observations, no scientific evidence was used)

Red Velvet anything –2011-present.

Key Lime flavored anything– this is currently becoming a trend.

Bacon- circa 2012. This is when everyone’s favourite breakfast item meandered into pop culture and is now commonly seen on shirts, in jewelry, internet memes….etc.

Quinoa-circa 2013 to present. This one makes me chuckle.My sister did NOT get on this gravy train. She is so anti this gluten free wonder(she thinks it’s obnoxious). I personally like it, a healthy alternative to cous cous but I cannot even mutter the wprd in my sister’s presence.

Pops- circa 2011 to present. Cake pops, applepie pops, marshmallow pops…. basically any dessert or food item in general on a stick (except corndogs). We have Bakerella ( the talented, brilliant inventor of cake pops) to thank for this.

Now I’m done. Have an awesome day!

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