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Fab Find (or not)

11 Sep


Hello all

I’m back on the beauty vibe today where I’ll be reviewing “Baby Skin” by Maybelline. Let me first acknowledge that this isn’t brand new. It seems to have been around for at least 1 year and so many beauty bloggers/vloggers have already reviewed it. However I’ve only recently used it so I will now add my 2 cents as it were.

Let me first explain briefly what it is. It’s a face product that boasts “blur technology” and is meant to “Instantly erase pores”. It isn’t meant to actually shrink or fill in pores just make them a lot less visible.

Now let me tell you how I came across this product. No I wasn’t actively looking for pore minimizer (even though I have massive pores). I was in the supermarket just perusing the cosmetics section and there it was not too far from “babylips” which I LOVE!
When I saw it I was instantly intrigued. Of course it looked super cute just like baby lips packaging then I read what it does! Erasing pores? I was sooo there.

I bought it with not so much as a second thought (maybe a second but definitely not a third). It cost the equivalent of about $6 US, which is the price I hear it goes for most places. This appealed to the poor party girl in me, for a pore minimizer this was a steal. In fact I don’t evem own any pore minimizer because it tends to be one of those things that run you at least $30 US! and this poorpartygirl AIN’T.GOT.TIME.FOR.THAT (lol).

Anyhow onto the review…..

I tried it literally as soon as I got home and could get it out of the package. With clean hands I squeezed a half of a pea sized amount onto my palm and proceeded to gently pat then spread it over my problem area (either side of my nose)


It looks like gel. There was no real smell that I could appreciate. The way it feels is the most interesting part of all. I doesn’t really feel like anything I’ve ever touched. It’s not sticky like gel would be, it has a slightly greasy feel when you first touch it but that feeling quickly becomes powdery once you actually apply it. Difficult to describe.

Now did it actually work? Was this in fact a super cheap version of those fancy high end pore erasing/filling products? Was it a fab find? Or not?


Not! I was soooo disappointed! I love Baby Lips and I think Maybelline makes good products in general but this one did not deliver it’s promise.
I actually watched a couple reviews of this on YouTube to see if maybe I was applying it wrong, I wasn’t. I tried it at least 4 times.

I saw one review where the girl was super duper impressed. No one esle really seemed to be but many of them did confess that it made their makeup go on better and so it functioned more as a primer than anything else.

I personally didn’t find any difference in makeup application.

I also noted that one vlogger said she thinks if your pores are too big it won’t work. Maybe that’s why it did nothing for me. But really, it’s people with big pores who actually need a product to erase them so…..

Anyhow the verdict is NOT so fab of a find. It’s certainly affordable but it doesn’t do what it claims to making it something I wouldn’t buy again. However I implore anyone interested to try it themselves and get a true verdict.

Thanks for reading and have an awesome day!

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