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A few Spring things

12 Mar

A few Spring things

Happy spring! So even though the Spring Equinox isn’t until March 20th,  today is the day where clocks spring forward, so technically it’s spring right. I should also add that I do not live in a temperate climate so technically these seasons aren’t experienced where I am but it doesn’t stop me from totally getting excited about this time of year.

I decided to do a post sharing some things I have been recently enjoying and plan to continue doing so into the upcoming spring season. The items aren’t spring themed, just happen to be living them right now.


Sweet Peach palette by Too Faced

This palette is a re-release from Too Faced, originally being a limited edition but now added to the right permanent line and massively expanded to include highlighters, blush and lip colours. This was a surprise favourite for me because initially I was unimpressed. Quite a few beauty bloggers/vloggers expressed disappointment with the palette and I was genuinely turned off. I actually walked into Sephora to purchase an entirely different palette a few weeks ago and just glanced over at this one. I switched the colours and I was hooked. 


The packaging is the standard Too Faced metal palette that closes magnetically. It is ombre peach coloured with raised peaches across it. This actually makes it a bit difficult to stack with other flat palettes.


This palette costs $49 US and it contains 18 shadows each 0.95g .There are 5 matte shares all in neutral colours that I think can work for any skin tone. The rest of the palette is comprised of satiny and shimmers in corals, coppers and purples as well as an olive shade and a shimmery black shade.


For me, I love this palette. I can create complete looks with it alone including a completely neutral look (but why would you want to with all these awesome shades) 

Moda Makeup Brushes

Moda face brushes

By now most of us who have an interest in makeup would have heard of the Artis makeup brushes. For those who haven’t , it’s a set of flat head high end makeup brushes. These brushes made their rounds in the beauty community last year but for many of us regular folk the price was just too high. Then came the dupes.There are more than a few companies who have fashioned their version of the Artis makeup face brushes charging a pretty penny for them too. Then came Moda. This brand has been steadily making a name for itself as a brightly coloured, affordable, decent quality drugstore makeup tools line. I first knew of this brand of face brushes through Emmy Noel, one of my favourite beauty YouTubers. She gave them her stamp of approval and that was all I needed to hear. This set of four brushes goes for around $15 US at Walmart and is by far the cheapest I have seen any of these brushes yet.


These are paddle head brushes compared to your typical makeup brushes with very densely packed fires. The colour is awesome resembling a cross between oil slick and mermaid skin on the handles and unicorn hair for  the bristles. Honestly I was sold on the appearance alone.

The largest brush is meant for foundation (liquid or creme). The second size is meant for blush and bronzer.  The third one is for contouring and the fourth and smallest is meant for concealer. Obviously you can use the  however you like. I find myself getting the most use out of the two larger ones. I appreciate applying my foundation with something different to a sponge. I also find I use less product when I use this brush to apply. The blush brush is the perfect size for blush application.

If you are interested in this style of makeup brushes but can’t or won’t splurge on the more expensive version, definitely give these a go.

Colour Switch

Color Switch by Vera Mona

This little tin here was a true game changer for me. A colour switch allows you to reuse the same makeup brushes in the same time frame i.e while creating the same look. I was going crazy trying to create a cute look and realising I didn’t quite have enough brushes to do it with. If I used my brush cleaner, the brush got wet and wouldn’t dry out in time.


I got

Color Switch

This invention is genius. It is essentially a circular chunk of very  porous, hard sponge not unlike that found in aquarium filters. You rub the brush in circles to get off product. You can use both sides and wash it when it gets particularly dirty.

Milani Lip Color Remover

In this day and age where long wear matte lipsticks are a dime a dozen,  this little tube is a saving grace. It is the colour and consistency of a petroleum jelly lip gloss. This thing really works! Just put it on and remove using a bit of tissue and the lip color comes right off.


Elf Hydrating Bubble Mask

E.l.f mask

While other drugstore brands are busy expanding their makeup line, e.l.f has done that and is now making a foray into affordable skin care. So far I’ve seen facial cleansers, masks, day and night time moisturizers. I picked this one up because I’ve been curious about bubble masks but didn’t want to buy an expensive one only to hate it. I don’t hate this. I have feelings opposite to hate for this. 


The packaging with this skin care line is a real winner. It is in a pale aqua cylindrical tub set into frosted translucent hard glass making it look rather luxe. The product comes through a hole in the top via a pumping motion.


The mask comes out as a clear almost greasy substance with a mild you citrus scent. Upon touching moist skin it becomes white and foamy but it takes about two minutes before it truly bubbles. Bubble masks feel weird. Lol. The sensation is tingly and feels as if I poured a Sprite onto my face. After use my face felt clean but not dry which is what the product promised.

Philosophy Pink Marshmallow Buttercream shower gel

Shower gel

Philosophy makes intensely scented bath and body products. Whatever the scent is on the bottle is EXACTLY what it smells like.This can be used as shower gel, bubble bath or shampoo. It lathers well and leaves a gentle lingering scent on your skin. What I love about Philosophy products like this is that they print actual recipes on the front of the bottles to go along with the fragrance. I picked this one up from T.J Maxx and paid about $4 which is about half of the original price  (according to T.J. Maxx)

Body Shop Italian Summer Figure Body Cream


Yes, I am featuring a summer fig cream in a spring favourites post. This was another T.J.Maxx (my favourite off-price retail store) find and it was a good one. I paid $5US for mine but you can get it from The Body Shop for about $10. This cream comes in the traditional Body shop cream container and the graphics are clean and simple as with most body shop products. It smells delicious. It is rich and a little sweet with a fresh almost grassy undertone. It’s the type of scent that makes you constantly sniff your hands (or foot or whatever body part you put it on). The consistency of the cream is soft and whipped and extremely moisturizing.


Elizabeth and James Nirvana rollerballs 


Elizabeth and James is a line owned by the prolific business savvy Olsen twins: Mary-Kate and Ashley.  The names come from two of their younger siblings and the Nirvana fragrances have become more and more popular. 

I previously used the Nirvana White as a fragrance sampler set I got from Sephora about a year ago. Since then I’ve been hooked. The Nirvana line now has four fragrances: E&J Nirvana White, E&J Nirvana Black, E&J Nirvana Rose and E&J Nirvana Bourbon.

These fragrances have something for everyone occasion. The White has a clean fresh daytime scent. Black is darker and more musky and great for evening to night. Rose is light and romantic and almost powdery, fantastic for day wear or a date night. Bourbon is my favorite. It does somewhat embody the essence of Bourbon. It has depth and a bit of sweetness. I prefer this for nighttime but it can work in the day as well.

 I purchased this set of four rollerballs from Sephora for $28 which is a bit of a bargain for rollerballs these days. I am into buying sample or travel sizes of items because it allows me to test something before committing to a full size as well as giving an opportunity to try many things at once.

BBW Tomato Vine Candle


This candle smells diVINE!  (get it?) Bath and body Works continues to grow their candle line exploring more sophisticated scents. This is one of those and what a great job they did. This candle smells earthy, green and a little bit tart. It is very fragrant and throws fairly well. This works well being burnt in the mid morning to early afternoon as well as a fragrant backdrop for an after dinner glass of wine.

Those are my spring favourites. Maybe something I featured is a favourite of yours or maybe you’ll want to test out some for yourself. Have an awesome day!

Christmas Wishlist

27 Dec



Hello all! A Merry Christmas 2013 to everyone. I have not blogged for 6 months. 6 MONTHS! This occurred for a myriad of reasons….. no time, no energy, sometimes no desire. I have certainly had a very interesting last 6 months and not all pleasant. However that has past and now I am ready to move forward. I can’t think of a better time to return to the world of blogging than Christmas so here goes.

This post is dedicated to composing a Christmas Wishlist. Now I am well aware that I am writing this one day after Christmas when presumably all gifts have been bought,wrapped,unwrapped and in some cases ready to be returned/exchanged. That said, if you are anything like myself and my friends many gifts have not even been thought about far less anything else.


Before proceeding let me clarify. When I say  wishlist I am simply referring to a list of items one is interested in receiving as a gift.


The idea is that those persons doing the giving can have an idea as to what the recepient likes/wants to reduce the anxiety of thinking of something as well as the embarassment of making a bad selection. Also the recipient gets what she actually wants.


Who does one send a wishlist to? The million dollar question…… The answer is NOT your 500+ FB friends or every contact on your email or whatsapp or BBM acount. I say, send this list to all those persons who you know are in the habit of giving you gifts and so were probably planning to give you one again i.e close friends and relatives.


This is the 2 million dollar question……..

This is a Christmas wishlist not a wedding registry.It’s the time of year when people are trying to make money really stretch. When they have to look to find something for everyone at the same time! That is hard on your pocket, take it from this poor party girl. Don’t abuse this opportunity to make gift giving easier by requesting a bunch of expensive fantastic items that you normally wouldn’t want or need in everyday life. So think twice or even 3 times before asking for that Movado watch and La Creuset Tagine (a dream of mine) and maybe settle for a much needed makeup brush (one of my actual wishlist items) novelty kitchen items or phone/laptop accessories.

That being said you need to know your crowd. For some of us our friends can drop hundreds and hundreds on one gift and not bat an eyelash. If that is the case, carry on smartly you lucky bastard!


How many items should be on your wishlist? Well I think there should be at least one item per person being sent the list. So say you are sending this list to 15 friends/family, you shoud have at least 15 items on it. I say go a little over however maybe 20 or so to give more options and increase the element of surprise on your part.


How do you compose this wishlist? What EXACTLY should go on it and after that how do you distribute it?

Well I can’t say there is one answer for either of those questions. I will tell you what I did. I downloaded a wishlist app (addwish.com). There are quite a few to choose from and they make it very easy. you literally just have to type in the items and it will pull the image from online and then when you are done type who you want the list to be sent to. The app I used allowed me to both email and send to selected FB contacts. Easy Peasy!

If you like hard work then you can use Microsoft Word or whatever your laptop uses and Copy and Paste images and write descriptions next to them , then email them as attatchments to your recipients. Either way will work.

The plus side to the app is that when someone decides what they want to buy they reserve the item so double purchases aren’t made.

To answer exactly how to compose this list you consider the following:

1) Price: As mentioned before, be reasonable. No sense asking for a bunch of big ticket items when you know no one can afford them.

I recommend a range as some persons might be able to afford more than others. Consider that so maybe have items ranging from $10-$50 or whatever works for you.

2)Variety: Not just in price but in items. Have something for everyone. There are so many sides to you as a person and your wishlist should reflect that. For me, my list went from novels to perfumes to small kitchen utensils. I know some of my friends would be intimidated by having to select a perfume (even if I said exactly which one) but would be way more comfortable buying me a book.

I hope something I said has been helpful. This past year a number of friends used wishlists for their birthdays and I found it made finding a gift easier so why not try it for Christmas. I hope to be blogging lots more soon so until then continue to enjoy your holidays (Kwanza,Hanukkah,Christmas,Festivus,Winter Solstice or other) and be safe.

Have an awesome day!

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