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(Drugstore) Makeup brush Essentials

10 Sep

So you have your Drugstore makeup collection. Great. What are you going to put it in with? Drugstore brushes of course! This is a guide to the basic brushes you need and all affordable drugstore options. It is not exhaustive by any means but if you have these brushes you will be able to create almost any makeup look you want.


(l-r : Real Techniques Stipple brush, Real Techniques contour brush, Moda large face brush [comes in set of four], Real Techniques buffing brush, Real Techniques fan brush)

Stipple brush– This is excellent for blending out liquid or stick foundation. It tends to give an even finish.

Fluffy face brush– This works for application of powder products to the cheeks i.e blush/bronzer/highlight.

Flat, dense Face brush– Excellent for blending out liquid or stick foundation as well as for application of face powders.

Buffing brush– This thick, dense slightly rounded brush is the right tools for blending out blush/highlight/contour/bronzer as well as applying all over setting powder. (Kabuki brush which tends to have a flatter top can do the same)

Fan brush– This is perfect for applying a narrow amount of product e.g highlighter over the cheekbone or along the nose.


(top: e.l.f flat, shadow, crease brushes, bottom l-r: Real techniques slanted brow brush, Real techniques base shadow brush, Real techniques crease brush, Real techniques accent brush) 

Flat thin brush– This type of brush is useful in applying highlight to the brow bone,  for applying concealer if sculpting the eyebrows and for applying eyeshadow to line the upper or lower lids.

Dense rounded brush– Perfect for packing on eyeshadow especially all over the lid.

Dense brush– This type of brush works well when applying product to the outer corner of the eye and it allows for easy blending.

Angled flat brush– The angle referenced here is the angle in the bristles not so much the handle although that helps. This is the ideal type of brush to use when filling in brows with pomade or powder.

Fluffy brush– This is an all purpose eye shadow brush great for adding colour in the crease but can also pack on product on the lid or blend.

Dense fluffy brush– Another all purpose brush but this one can apply colour all over the eye and can also be useful in blending.

Small rounded brush– This is the brush you use to get into small spaces like adding a pop of colour on the inner corner, smudging out the lower lash line or even to add highlight to the brow bone.

I hope this guide is useful for anyone trying to expand their brush Collection. Are there any must-have brushes that I left out? Let me know and have an awesome day!

Festive Makeup- Muted jewel tones  and Metallics 

20 Dec


Hello. Today we continue our Festive fashion with a makeup look fit for a night out this season. As with my post on festive nails, I’m keeping with the theme of muted jewel tones with metallic accents.

The star of this show is the Mario master palette by Anastasia Beverly Hills  (ABH) .I mentioned this beautiful palette in my Blogmas Day 6 post; A few Festive things. Even though it isn’t a holiday palette I feel the dark deep jewel hued shimmer shades are perfect for the holiday season.

This palette cost $45 US and is limited edition. I would say there are some fairly unique shades here but you can absolutely create a similar look with different palettes both high-end and drug store. In my small repertoire the closest I have to create a similar look is a Wet and Wild palette  (about $6). I put them side by side for comparison.

Mater Palette with Mario by ABH and Wet n Wild palette

My focus is on the eye look but I will list all the products used for my overall look.

Primer- NYX photo finish primer

Foundation Maybelline Fit me matte poreless in

Eye primer – Urban Decay age defying primer

Brows- ABH dip brow pomade in dark brown

Eyes- ABH Master Palette by Mario 

Liner- Kat von D liquid liner in Trooper (mini)

             M.A.C pencil liner in Engraved

Lashes- Rimmel Scandal eyes in blackeSt black

                 Kat von D mascara in Puro Amore

Fixing spray-NYX matte finish spray

Crease- Real Techniques brush

Brow bone- e.l.f flat brush

Lid-ABH brushes  (came with sets) double ended. Each has a round topped flat brush on one end and a fluffy blending brush in the other.

         Urban Decay brush double ended. A fluffy dense brush on one end to pack on shadow and small round topped flat brush freat for the inner corners.

So now we begin. It turns out I am not a beauty guru or a photographer and therefore not that great at taking pictures of nyself doing makeup so please excuse the lack of pictures as I do each step.

Step 1

Apply Claudia , a deep navy shimmer shade into the crease. Start with a small amount going back and forth in the crease using windshield wiper motion gradually building up.

Step 2

Using a thin flat brush apply 5th ave, a golden hue to the brow bone. I went heavy with this because I wanted a bolder look.

Step 3

Apply Isabela , a medium brown with an orange undertone all over the lid. This will form a base for the rest of the colours.

Step 4

Using a small round topped flat brush,  apply Bronx, a sparkly deep olive shade to the outer corner of the lid, blending it out.

Step 5

Using another small round topped flat brush (or your finger tip) apply Muse, a coppery burgundy in the centre of the lid and blend.

Step 6

Using a small brush place Marine, a delicious shimmery rose gold on the inner corners and blend.



Step 7

Take a thick fluffy brush and gently blend everything out. Line lids and apply mascara.

Finished eyes (open)

Finished eyes (closed)

I finished up my look with a peach blush and lined my lips with a deep purple and a coated of gloss(Too Faced Lip Injection Extreme ). I kept the rest of my face neutral as I wanted the attention to be on the eyes.

Finished look

Thank you for reading. Hopefully this look will inspire your holiday makeup looks. Have an awesome day!


Battle of the Blending Sponges- BB vs RT

13 Nov



It all began with the (Original) Beauty Blender, a pink egg shaped sponge for $30 US dollars  that MUAs, Beauty gurus and makeup enthusiasts alike couldn’t get enough of . I wasn’t sold. $30 for a sponge! I didn’t care what it did. No way!

The ORIGINAL…Beauty Blender 


Then came the dupes. This always happens when something becomes shockingly popular . Someone else makes a similar version usually for a lower price. We saw it happen with the Urban Decay Naked palettes: everyone had similar palettes called things like Nude and Natural and Buff. 

I remember the first blending sponge I bought .  It was black with an odd shape(not like an egg) and quite firm (okay hard) . It was from the brand KleanKolor which is the cheapest of cheap and it cost $2. I thought it was great. Shortly after that I realized there were “dupes” everywhere !  All the fast fashion stores, all the drug store brands, everywhere . Yet most gurus online still swore by the Original BB (OBB).



One day a YouTuber casually mentioned the Real Techniques(RT) sponge, saying it’s the only thing close to the OBB. I was intrigued .  I also came across a few other beauty gurus who mentioned a similar thing. Then, one of my absolute favorite beauty Youtubers ;  Emmy from EmilyNoel mentioned that she actually PERFERS the RT sponge over the OBB. What !  I decided to get my grubby paws on it ASAP and that I did. I was not disappointed . I would see other gurus compare the two and always name the OBB the winner but I couldn’t be swayed . No way was I paying $20-25 (the price came down slightly ) for a freaking sponge !  Not when I could get a RT sponge for $6. So I would never know the comparison and I wasn’t interested . 

The dupe to end all dupes- Real Techniques Miracle Complexion sponge 

Fast forward to a few weeks ago when I walked into Macy’s and saw a Beauty Blender Christmas set. For the price of approximately 2 OBB I could get: 1 OBB sponge, 1 BB Pro sponge (the black one), 1 solid cleaner, 1 Blotarazi blotting sponge and a BB micro mini. DEAL! I jumped on it. Finally I would try the precious Beauty Blender . Finally I would see what the fuss was all about. 

 Beauty Blender Gift set $40 at Macy’s 

I decided to try a few weeks of testing so I could give a more fair analysis and now that time has come. I will be comparing the Original Beauty Blender and the Real Techniques complexion miracle sponge .  Both companies have massively expanded their sponge lines since the launch of the originals but this is comparing original products  . 


Real Techniques Miracle Complexion sponge    Original Beauty Blender sponge 

                                RT                                                                     OBB

COST                 $4.50- 6                                                           $20-25

SHAPE     Oblong with a pointed end                     Egg shaped with a pointed end 

                  a rounded body and a flattened           and a rounded end and body.


COLOUR             Orange                                                                  Pink

SIZE           6cm or 2 1/2 inches                                  5cm or (just over) 2 inches


FEEL                       Soft                                                              Very Soft

Comparing the “squishiness” of the sponges. The OBB is softer when dry

RESPONSE         Increases  to                                  Increases to 7cm (just under

TO WATER         8cm (approx 3 inches)                3 inches)

                             Becomes very soft.

APPLICATION    Easy to blend gives  and           Less easy to blend and

                              gives airbrushed finish             gives airbrushed finish 

RT application  using Maybelline Fit Me liquid foundation 

OBB application using Maybelline Fit Me foundation 

Can you tell the difference ? No? Neither can I, lol.

CLEANING   Cleans easily with soap                    Cleans easily with soap

                      once washed immediately.              once washed immediately. 

                      Will ultimately stain .                        Ultimately stains.

                      Doesn’t bleed                                      No bleeding seen (reportedly



Final Assessment


Overall, I find these sponges very comparable. The OBB is softer when dry but they feel the same when wet. Both are fairly easy to use blending out foundation  quickly. They both give an ever so slightly dewy finish when used wet, not so much when dry. 


 The RT sponge does seem to remove a bit more of your foundation than the OBB which can be wasteful, however, I personally find that the less wet the RT sponge the less foundation it takes off.

 The flat end of the RT sponge gives a third surface to use and spreads foundation better than the rounded bottom of the OBB.

 In terms of durability I’ve had the OBB for a much shorter time than the RT sponge but I know most people use their OBB for up to a year and I used one RT sponge for  6 months before tossing it, by then it had one or two tears but was otherwise fully intact  (I don’t recommend keeping either sponge for that long, it’s germ city in there.)


All in all I can recommend either of these sponges.They are different,  I wouldn’t call the RT an exact dupe of the OBB, each has strengths and weaknesses the other does not and I would rate them equally.

 Being as frugal as I am, I prefer the RT sponge because it is less than 1/3 of the price and from all accounts lasts just as long . The OBB is good, I admit it and if you get your hands on a gift set like I did then go for it, but I will not be able to justify purchasing a sponge for $20 when I can get something very similar for $6. That’s what it boils down to for me, dollars and cents. 

Hopefully this review has helped you decide which sponge  (if any) to use and hope you have an awesome day . 

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