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Tipsy (gummy) bears and Jell-O Shots

9 Sep


Hello all. So I had a birthday recently (Sept 6th- shout out to all Virgos!) and I had a dessert party! But this post isn’t about that. No, no no. Inspired by my dessert theme however I decided to make 2 alcoholic treats…..

1) Vodka infused gummy bears
2) Jell-O shots

This post is about these 2 treats and how I combined them.

I first learnt of the existence of these about 1 1/2 years ago when my sister decided to make them for her 25th birthday. She called them Drunken Gummy bears (as per the name used on the Internet).

I remember everyone being able to eat 2 maybe 3 of these max cause they were so potent! All but that one friend who had so many that by the end of the night he was walking like a drunken gummy bear himself (shout out to my friend Mark!). Anyhow, the recipe she used which was based on multiple sources asked that the gummy bears be soaked at least 3 days prior to use. Having experienced 3 day infused gummies, I decided to prepare mine the day before. Hence my term Tipsy gummies rather than full on drunk.


1) Gummy bears ( the amount you use depends on the number of people you plan to serve and their general tolerance for strong alcohol)
Side note, I’m pretty sure other gummy treats can be used e.g gummy worms (the ones without the acidic sugary coating) could make a great Halloween drunken snack.

2) Vodka – whatever brand you prefer.

3) Bowl- for mixing the gummies.

1) Pour desired amount of gummies in appropriate sized bowl.

2) Pour on vodka so that all the gummies are covered (not submerged and swimming)

3) Cover with plastic wrap and refrigerate.
I took them out about twice in the 24 hours to give a stir (the gummies become quite congealed) and the second time I added a dash more vodka because they had absorbed it all.
Before serving I took them out of the fridge for about an hour so they would soften and I could scoop them out properly.

I served mine in plastic shot glasses.

And it is that simple.


Ahh jell-o. Something I definitely have a love-hate relationship with. I love that it looks so fun, that it’s been around for so long, that it’s so low in calories. However I often cannot get past 2 spoonfuls before becoming painfully aware that I am eating something that wobbles (bleh!)
I do on the other hand ADORE their puddings. I could eat chocolate jell-o pudding evey day for the rest of my life!

That being said, in keeping with my dessert party I decided jell-o (a classic family dessert) was a good idea. Then I was like hey! Let’s add alcohol for a really fun time! What I love most of all about jell-o, as a woman on a budget ( shout out to my fellow poor party girls!) is that it is dirt cheap! A small box is under $1(US) literally eveywhere you go. I used 1 small box to make 40 shots (using small plastic shot glasses)

I have certainly tasted a few jell-o shots in my time but I never made any. Turns out it’s very simple. I also learnt that I didn’t have to use vodka as the alcohol, I could also use rum! (#whoknew)

I made 2 flavours :1) watermelon with regular vodka and 2)raspberry with raspberry flavoured rum.

I got the recipe from a youtube video youtube recipe and the idea to use rum from her.

What you need:

1) 1 small package of jell-o(or other gelatin snack) -I used raspberry for this but use preferred flavour.

2)1 cup boiling water.

3) 1 cup cold water.

4) 1 cup Bacardi flavoured rum (or other flavour, or vodka)

5) Shot glasses (or other suitable small containers).


Ingredients for jell-o shot fun

What to do:
1) Dissolve jell-o in 1 cup of hot water.

2) Add 1 cup cold water and stir well.

3) Add 1 cup of rum/vodka and mix.


The mixed product.

4) I placed this liquid into a measuring cup (because the little spout makes it easier for pouring)

5) For my raspberry shots I decided to mix poisons as it were and dropped 2-3 tipsy gummies in the bottom of the shot glasses before adding the jell-o.


Tipsy bears

6) Pour mixture into glasses and let chill and solidify. I left mine overnight to ensure proper consistency.


The finished product (if you turn your head sideways and squint you can see the gummies in the bottom…lol)

I kept them in the fridge for most of the party intermittently taking them out and going around until they’re were none left.

In summary both vodka infused gummies and jell-o shots are a fun inexpensive way to serve both alcohol and an adult treat. You need no more than 2 cups of alcohol to pull off both (that’s like a small bottle of vodka or rum)

I had fun making these and more fun watching my guests devour them with a mixture of delight and horror.

Look out for a post on the rest of my birthday dessert party (on a budget of course) and have am awesome day!

Food,Wine and Rum Festival

19 Nov


Hey there,

It’s absolutely no secret that I love food, always have. However I can’t deny that a lot of my passion particularly for gourmet type dishes was borne from my obsession with many of Food Network’s cooking shows.

This explains why my heart nearly stopped when I learned that most esteemed Chef Marcus Samuelsson would be gracing my shores of Barbados for our annual Food,Wine and Rum festival.

But that wasn’t all, He was among other popular celebrity chefs some seen on Food Network as well.In addition, a number of local top chefs would be featured in this festival, I couldn’t wait.

This began my quest to obtain tickets to at least ONE event where I would see at least  ONE celebrity chef. Well as with most of my life it wasn’t without drama. Despite knowing about the festival at least 8 weeks in advance and despite knowing how many avid foodies inhabit my island my friend and I waited until the week before the festival to pursue tickets. 

Needless to say, the events were sold out. ALL! Every last one! We were devastated! Our dreams had been crushed. And  it was all self inflicted, we should have known better than to think high priced tickets would have deterred others from seeing some of the most famous faces in food, it certainly didn’t deter us.

I had an idea though, I visited one of the main ticket outlets “just to see” if they had so much as half of a ticket lying around. Of course, there were none. I literally asked if there were any tickets that might have accidentally dropped on the floor. Of course, the answer was still no. So, truly defeated, I made my way out of the store and down the steps. That was the moment my life changed………….. only seconds after exiting an employee came through the door and said “Ladies (my sister and I), someone just cancelled 2 tickets to an event, are you interested?”

Well I didn’t need to be asked twice, or even once for that matter. I didn’t even know which event it was for, I was just so desperate that I rushed inside. It turned out they had exactly 2 tickets for an event called “Ambrosia” where 12 chefs: 6 local and 6 guest would prepare a dish each and provide sample sized servings for the guests to taste, not to mention getting to see and meet the chef. I learned that among the guest chefs would be Aaron McCargo Jr and Anne Burrell from food Network. Others included Jose Garces, Paul Yellin (who grew up in Barbados)Marc Murphy(didn’t see him though). Without further adieu I purchased the 2 tickets (one for myself and the other for my friend)

Well the event was a roaring 20’s hit! Being sold out, it of course was packed but there was enough space that it wasn’t too cramped. Every chef had their station serving as previously mentioned, a sample size of a signature dish. I don’t think I tasted anything I didn’t like.

There was seared mahi mahi (by Anne Burell). This woman’s food tastes as good as you think it will.Chicken,mushroom and truffle soup,spicy buffalo chicken pasta( by Aaron McCargo Jr) seared tuna(rare), profiteroles,cheesecake. There were so many other dishes many whose names I can’t recall but it sure was delish! And the wine and rum was flowing!

My friend and I were on a celebrity chef stalking mission. Our target: Anne Burrell. We found her soon enough. She was approachable and friendly and we got our pics. Then I went to find Aaaron McCargo Jr and have a picture with him. The real treat however came when we feasted our eyes on someone not slated to be present at the event, who didn’t have a food station. It was none other than the new face of gourmet food in my opinion: Chef Marcus Samuelsson! I screamed and jumped up and down and literally ran over to him where my friend and I were able to have out picture taken with him.

All in all it was a pretty awesome night. The food was good, the atmosphere was happy and lively and I got to star watch. I shall leave with you some pics I took.

Have an awesome day!


With Chef Aaron McCargo Jr


With Chef Anne Burrell


Myself and my friend Flavia with Chef Marcus Samuelsson #epic


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